Sensa Weight Loss System: The Reveal

Well hello my fitness chameleons!! It has been a little while since I did a blog post for this section of my blog and today I am ready to reveal to you what I am going to be experimenting with while I get back in shape! If you do not follow me on twitter ( you really should because I chat a lot there and I may reveal things there first before it reaches here or my youtube channel (NHOP76).

Back on Jan 31st I tweeted that I ordered Sensa! Yes, I did! As you will see in my video I ordered Sensa because of my awesome friend at work. I will just call her "B". "B" used Sensa's weight-loss system in 2010 and with minimum exercise and I mean minimum she lost 15 pounds!! I was truly amazed because Sense is not a weight loss stimulant at all. To find out more details about how Sensa work click "" to learn more or just watch my video below (smile). Anyway. . while seeing her success with it I thought to myself, "what if I used Sensa while eating a healthy diet, exercise 3-4 days a week and drinking lots of water would it accelerate my weight-loss?" So with my sick mind (remember I was sick around this time) I decided I am ordering Sensa ASAP to jump start my weight loss.

Now just for an Update on my weight loss at the beginning of the new year January 1st I weighted in at 196lbs, Yikes I know!! At the end of January I was down to 188lbs so without Sensa I had already lost 8lbs on my own. Later, moving into February my weight-loss was stalled because I was sick for the 1st week in February and exercise was cut out of my life until I start to feel better during the second week in this month. Finally, my Sensa arrived on Valentines Day and when I opened the package I knew it was on!

Sensa is VERY easy to use you just sprinkle it on foods and that's it!! For the past 2 weeks I have been using Sensa I have been eating healthy and completing 1-2 days of martial arts training and 2 days of cardio training from the comfort of my own home and let me tell you within the 2 weeks I have already lost 4 using  POUNDS sensa. Isn't that crazy!! So, my current weight is finally at 184lbs, Yahooooooooo!! I told my friend "B" this and she was like really? I am going to exercise more too!

So all in all, during my month 1 of Sensa I am loving this product and I totally recommend it to anyone that is trying to lose weight this year!! If you are trying to lose weight definitely go to "" and find out more about how this product can help you reach your weight loss goals in 2011!!

Sensa Weight Loss System: The Reveal Video


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Fitness Chameleon: Working Out After Being Sick

Man. .  If you all ready my post in the Life section of my blog or if you follow me on twitter you all now that I have been sick all last week, right? Well, during that week of being sick it was killing me not to workout or eat foods that were healthy for me. Hence, I am bloating and retaining water like crazy!! I did a post sick weigh in and my pre sick weight was 188lbs and my post sick weight was 194??? WHAT?? Then I thought to myself what did I eat while I was sick? Humm . . Campbells chicken noodle soup, saltine crackers and lots of water. EKKKK!! My body was loaded with too much sodium and as a result I am retain water like crazy!!

So I wanted to share this lesson with you all. When you are sick First, rest your body in order to avoid any injury to yourself while being sick. Secondly, stick to low sodium soups and crackers (or no crackers at all). Even try making homemade soup if you are feeling up to it if possible. Then you will not have to deal with this post sick water retention that I will have to flush out of my system.

On another note I am so happy to report that I exercised for the first time after being sick with the help of my icy hot patch on my back! I decided to pop in my Christi Taylor StepSational DVD and workout. And man. .. sweat never felt so good! Today's meal plan has been very clean too. I am just scared what i will eat while watching the Superbowl tonight. My plan tonight is to watch portion sizes, watch out for foods high in sodium, and drinks lots of water (no alcohol or sodas, OMG, did I just say that. Everyone pray!). I will update this post to let you know how I did. In the meantime here is my meal plan for today:

  • Breakfast: 1 serving of oatmeal, grapes, and 1 turkey sausage
  • Lunch: Lobster tail and veggie salad
  • Snack: Yogurt and banana
  • Dinner: Update later
  • Snack: Update later

If you are getting in shape in this new year, what did you do to be active today? How was your eating and what did you eat? I would love to help you and support your in meeting your goals too!

Until later, have a fabulous time watching the Superbowl!!

Go PACK GOOOO!! (Native to Wisconsin, so I have to root for my packers!!

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Skincare 101: 6 Steps To Beautiful Skin

Everyone wants the have beautiful glowing skin, right? Just like the beautiful celebrities like Halle Barry, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashion, and many more. Most people will run to the nearest sephora or drugstore to find that perfect foundation to achieve it, but your really need to pay attention to what is underneath it which is the skin itself. Wearing foundation is great, but if the skin condition underneath it is uneven the foundation can accentual the problem. I found that beautiful skin starts with the skin first and how we take care of it. The skin’s condition is the most important factor to consider when you are want to achieve flawless skin.  So you may ask, how can I get beautiful skin? Well let’s start off with some basics!

Hydrating the skin: Water is very important to your body and skin health. Water helps carry vital nutrients to your skin cells as a result creating nice smooth and plumped skin. Water also helps flush nasty toxins out of our bodies creating radiant skin. So staying hydrated is important. Like the doctors say drink 8 eight ounce glasses of water a day does the body and skin some good.
Healthy Diet equals healthy skin. When the body is given a balance diet of fruits, veggies, grains, and lean proteins the skin is proven to be more clear and radiant. I can attest to that myself because when my diets consist of too much soda, fried foods and rich sauces my skin rebels to blemish city.
Active lifestyle: Get you body moving try simply walking our jogging 2-3 days a week. You will see a difference in your skin and your body too! Exercise helps flush out nasty toxins out of of body and since the skin tissue is the largest organ on the body exercise will make a huge difference with out skin. Check out this intruging article from  Web Md. . .
Skincare Regime for Cleansing the skin day and night. I can promise you that cleansing you skin twice a day will keep you skin nice and clear from breakouts especially if you are a beauty junkie like me and love to wear your favorite makeup brands to enhance your beauty. Cleansing the face at night helps remove your makeup, oils and other free radicals that can cause our precious pores on your face to become clogged and break out. Some of my  favorite cleansers are: Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam , Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash 6.7 oz, Murad Refreshing Skin Cleanser 6.75 oz, and Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel 5 oz.

Night Time Moisturizing for All Skin types: Not having a moistururizer can cause any skintype to become dehydrated after cleansing. In some case after cleansing your PH balance in your skin is low causing the skin moisture level to become unbalanced as a result, the skin appears dull and dehydrated lacking that resilient glow and moisture. Normal to oily skin may want to consider a moisturizer that is more water based like a light weight moisture lotion.

Final Step is to Protect The Skin: When you are getting ready to head out to the great outdoors it is important to protect your skin from the premature aging that is causes by many things such as the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays, dirt, smoke and pollutants that is in our environment. You can protect you skin by shielding it from these free radicals by using daytime moisturizers with SPF and vitamins A, C, and E. Almost every skin care enthusiasts and dermatologists will recommend this in any skincare regimen. NOTE: When it comes too sunscreen remember this, If you foundation or moisturizer has an SPF 15 take the 15 and multiply it by 10 and that will give you the minutes that sunscreen is good for. So, for this example the SPF 15 is only good for 150 minutes before it expires. So remember if you will be wearing foundation and you will be outdoor longer than that time wear a higher sunscreen under the makeup. However if you are not wearing makeup make sure you re apply your sun screen for continuous protection.

With these steps taken you will be on your way to having beautiful skin. However, I will say that when considering your skin always consult with a doctor for skin (dermatologist, esthetician and etc) for advice if you are unsure on how to deal with your skin. Of course most people will say what about going to the department store or Sephora? Well, speaking from experience with working in both places mentioned consultants hired to work their are only able to give you advice on what product will work best for your skin type and skin concern. Futhermore linking the correct product to you in order to purchased. Which is fine, however if you truly do not have a clue about your skin or if you have highly sensitive skin and over the counter skincare products are not working or making your skin condition worse please go seek help from a professional.

Now, I would like to hear from you!  How do you keep your skin clear and healthy? What are you favorite skincare brands either drug store or highend please share. I would truly like to know and so would other readers too. So far at the moment I have been testing out drugstore skincare by Garnier Nutritioniste's Moisture rescue line and I am loving it so far. I have been using it for a week now and I will definitely give a review on it soon!

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Fitness with P90X (Day 37, 38 & 39) Update

This week I am feeling wiped out! I don’t know why? I am thinking that it is that time of the month and my body is challenging me. Also it has been a busy work weekend too being that it was valentine’s day weekend. So when I got home from work (retail/makeup) I was beat down! I am not kidding. If I had to say this is one weekend I was tired of makeup, lol. Anyway when I returned home I just wanted to rest, but I worked out anyway even though I did not want too, lol.

It was 9:30pm on Sunday night when I decided to do CardioX from the P90X program. It was late, but it got done and I am happy with that. The only down side is that I could not fall asleep right away which is not good because I woke up Monday morning and I was tired! For real! My son had school yesterday even though it was president day, so I was up at 6:30am, yikes!! Got him off to school and when I return home I was getting breakfast and myself ready for work in the afternoon. I was attempting to do the Chest, Arms and tricep DVD, but I was not feeling myself so. I stopped it to avoid not getting the full results of the workout and opted to have my rest day early this week and will continue the workouts as planned.

So, I guess my point is life does get in the way at times when you are trying to stay on point with the workouts, but the great thing is that you can always get back on track when you are ready and feeling well about it too!

With that said today is Day 39 which is week 6 for me and today workout will be Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, Ab ripper X (not my favorite still) My poor tummy is going to burn tonight. My plan for today so that I am not to full from my dinner before working out is to eat my dinner a bit earlier today. So, at work I plan to take advantage of my break time and use it for once. I get a 1 hour lunch break and two 15 minute breaks, so I will have my lunch as usual and then closer to the end of my shift I will take a 20 minute break to eat my dinner at 5:30pm. This will help me out so by the time my workout time comes when is at 8pm after I get my son to bed I can get my workout in without having a full tummy. Remember, DO NOT workout on a full tummy. You will get sick, believe me I know.

Well. . . You all are probably wondering how were your meals that past few days? Well here is the menu and some pics of new meals I tried from the P90X nutrition guide.

Sunday’s Meal Plan:

  • breakfast: Protein Shake
  • Snack: Protein Bar
  • Lunch: Island Pork tenderloin salad
  • Snack: String Cheese
  • Dinner: Beef and broccoli stir fry Miso soup and protein powder


Monday’s Meal Plan:

  • Breakfast: Turkey Bacon, Cheese scramble and fruit
  • Snack: protein Bar
  • Lunch: Chicken Salad with salad greens and vegetable soup
  • Snack: String Cheese
  • Dinner: Chicken with honey chille sauce, wild rice and green beens

Today’s Meal Plan: No pictures but you can find pictures of the meal here:

  • Breakfast: Mushroom Omlet, strawberries and cottage cheese
  • Snack: protein Bar
  • Lunch Chef salad
  • Snack: Almond
  • Dinner: Salmon, wild rice, asparagus and red pepper soup

Well, I am off to get ready for work. . . Chat soon!

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Fitness With P90X: Day 36 Core Synergistics and More new Foods

Yesterday was hard for me. I had to work a busy shift at work from 10-6 and then rush home and cook dinner for the family. I did cook dinner for them and me, but. . . I think I ate a little too late. Well, I waited an hour and 1/2 after dinner to exercise, but I think that was not enough time for my tummy to settle. Why, well while I was working out during core synergistics from the p90X I was feeling a little bogged down and I think it was due to my food still trying to digest. Needless to say I only made it through 40 minutes last night. I stopped because I did not want to make myself sick.

I learned a lesson which is not to exercise to closely after eating. Not a good mix. Other than that error I made healthy food choices and my water. . .  I still need to work on getting 72-80 ounces of water in. I don’t know why I can’t seem to do it but I feel so full when I do that and then I am not able to eat the small portions of food made and when that happened I am a bit hungry. Any suggestions? My meals for yesterday where:

  • Breakfast: Spinach Scramble, milk and grapefruit
  • Snack: Protein Bar (atkins)
  • Lunch: Turkey Burger with provolone cheese, coleslaw and red pepper soup
  • Snack: Missed (busy day!)
  • Dinner: Halibut, with Mango Ginger Sauce, wild rice and asparagus

So, that was my day yesterday. I swear I was so exhausted I showered and went straight to bed and slept in until 8:30 this morning which is late for me with a 6 year-old son, lol. Well. I will be back to post about today in a bit. Must polish my nails and work on some beauty blog post. Chat later

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Fitness with P90X: Day 1 Tough, But Persevered

What can I say, but Woo!! Yesterday was day 1 on the P90X program and on that day I completed the Chest and Back DVD. Man!! That DVD was tough, but I made it through it all. I was sweating like a pig which is great because I know that I was burning unwanted calories. This work out consists of lots of push ups ranging from: Standard Push ups, Military Push ups, Wide fly, Decline, Diamond, and Dive Bomber Push-ups. I did not know that there were that many different varieties!! The most push ups I could complete in a set with my knees (the female version) were 15- 25 max, it was tough, but I did what I could and kept on moving. I figure I will get better and be able to do more with time.

Then the workout also had you do pull ups, and chins up with a bar, however I did not have that type of equipment at my home so they had a alternative method using resistance bands which was great! Throughout the remainder of the workout were other types if movement. I have to say, I love Tony Horton workout videos. They are very organized as far as letting you know in the beginning of the workout what type of equipment you will need before the workout and giving you a time line throughout the duration of the video. I loved that because other workout DVD’s I own do not let you know in advance what equipment is needed so while working I usually am running throughout my house trying to get my weights or rope, etc. All in all it was tough, but the key is go at you own pace until you can do better. Don’t stop and don’t give up! Rome was not built in a day and a perfect workout will not happened in a day either. So, needless to say I was very proud of myself for making it through the workout and however I am feeling it today. My abs are sore, back and arms are too! But that’s the way the fitness game goes.

You all maybe asking so. . . what did you eat that day? Well here we go:


Jimmy Dean Turkey sausage, Half Orange (It was huge) and 2 eggs and 16oz of water


Salad with Tuna and another half orange and 16oz of water.

Afternoon Snack: banana and low fat yoplat Yogurt and 16 oz of water


Pre made salad. Ceasar salad lite, green beans and 2 baked wings with hot sauce and 16oz of water

Late night snack: 100 calories pack, Mister Salty Milk Chocolate cover pretzels

Overall the day went well, even though today I was sore as hell, I was still able to complete the plyometrics workout that was rough in the beginning, but toward the middle and the end it wasn’t that bad and it was actually fun! Anyway, stay tuned I will update you all tomorrow and then Monday is my weigh in day for me. I am hope for 1-2 lbs gone!! If any one of you have done this workout or the chest and back, how did it go for you? I am love to know so please share!!


Tasha 🙂

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Beauty Chameleon Fitness: Weight Loss With P90X

p90x_left_logoHey my beauties!! It is a New Year and time to refocus and get back to my healthy way of living again. If you have followed my fitness blog: you know that I have lost weight successfully and kept it off for 2 years with exercise and using nutrisystem. However over the past few years with working full time, being a mom to a active 6 year-old now, and a wife life can get in the way and distract you from your goals. And, life did just that! I stop exercising, eating healthy and just ate whatever and did not care until my clothes started to get tighter and tighter and tighter. When I say tight I mean TIGHT!! I went from a size 8 to a size 14 in 2 1/2 years and it ain’t pretty at all.

This is me 3 & 1/2 Years ago and me now:

before and now pic

Yes, that is me. . 198lbs is not a healthy weight for me. Right now I feel heavy, thick, and lethargic which is not a good mix being in my thirties (33years) Ekk!! Just kidding, the thirties are good! But, it don’t like the way I feel. . tired all the time a no energy.

Now, back in October my hubby and I made a sound effort to order the P90X system only because we have heard some great things about it from friends and family, but needless to say, not much effort was put into it during the holidays. So, after the New years I have made a promise to myself to get healthy again using the P90X and what got that started was what one of my favorite girl’s on youtube mommagee aka Angie (Her Blog)!! She just recently started her P90X program and I thought to myself I have that program too and it has collected way too much dust by now, so yesterday I broke it out for the first time.

I decided to workout with the bonus DVD to get my self started. The workout I chose was the UML (Upper, Middle, Lower workout) and man it is tough, but good tough. Today i am feeling it, for real, but that is normal in order to progress and move to the next level which is getting lean and healthy. Going forward, I will be using this as my personal trainer along with the skills I learned from nutrisystem in order to loss my weight this spring. If you would like to join me in the P90X workouts and weight loss feel free to join and share you progress with me. Each Monday i will do an update post here and on youtube to let you all know my progress along with the ups and downs of weight loss too. In the meantime, have a wonderful day and lets get healthy!!

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