Fitness with P90X: Day 1 Tough, But Persevered

What can I say, but Woo!! Yesterday was day 1 on the P90X program and on that day I completed the Chest and Back DVD. Man!! That DVD was tough, but I made it through it all. I was sweating like a pig which is great because I know that I was burning unwanted calories. This work out consists of lots of push ups ranging from: Standard Push ups, Military Push ups, Wide fly, Decline, Diamond, and Dive Bomber Push-ups. I did not know that there were that many different varieties!! The most push ups I could complete in a set with my knees (the female version) were 15- 25 max, it was tough, but I did what I could and kept on moving. I figure I will get better and be able to do more with time.

Then the workout also had you do pull ups, and chins up with a bar, however I did not have that type of equipment at my home so they had a alternative method using resistance bands which was great! Throughout the remainder of the workout were other types if movement. I have to say, I love Tony Horton workout videos. They are very organized as far as letting you know in the beginning of the workout what type of equipment you will need before the workout and giving you a time line throughout the duration of the video. I loved that because other workout DVD’s I own do not let you know in advance what equipment is needed so while working I usually am running throughout my house trying to get my weights or rope, etc. All in all it was tough, but the key is go at you own pace until you can do better. Don’t stop and don’t give up! Rome was not built in a day and a perfect workout will not happened in a day either. So, needless to say I was very proud of myself for making it through the workout and however I am feeling it today. My abs are sore, back and arms are too! But that’s the way the fitness game goes.

You all maybe asking so. . . what did you eat that day? Well here we go:


Jimmy Dean Turkey sausage, Half Orange (It was huge) and 2 eggs and 16oz of water


Salad with Tuna and another half orange and 16oz of water.

Afternoon Snack: banana and low fat yoplat Yogurt and 16 oz of water


Pre made salad. Ceasar salad lite, green beans and 2 baked wings with hot sauce and 16oz of water

Late night snack: 100 calories pack, Mister Salty Milk Chocolate cover pretzels

Overall the day went well, even though today I was sore as hell, I was still able to complete the plyometrics workout that was rough in the beginning, but toward the middle and the end it wasn’t that bad and it was actually fun! Anyway, stay tuned I will update you all tomorrow and then Monday is my weigh in day for me. I am hope for 1-2 lbs gone!! If any one of you have done this workout or the chest and back, how did it go for you? I am love to know so please share!!


Tasha 🙂

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