Fitness Chameleon: Working Out After Being Sick

Man. .  If you all ready my post in the Life section of my blog or if you follow me on twitter you all now that I have been sick all last week, right? Well, during that week of being sick it was killing me not to workout or eat foods that were healthy for me. Hence, I am bloating and retaining water like crazy!! I did a post sick weigh in and my pre sick weight was 188lbs and my post sick weight was 194??? WHAT?? Then I thought to myself what did I eat while I was sick? Humm . . Campbells chicken noodle soup, saltine crackers and lots of water. EKKKK!! My body was loaded with too much sodium and as a result I am retain water like crazy!!

So I wanted to share this lesson with you all. When you are sick First, rest your body in order to avoid any injury to yourself while being sick. Secondly, stick to low sodium soups and crackers (or no crackers at all). Even try making homemade soup if you are feeling up to it if possible. Then you will not have to deal with this post sick water retention that I will have to flush out of my system.

On another note I am so happy to report that I exercised for the first time after being sick with the help of my icy hot patch on my back! I decided to pop in my Christi Taylor StepSational DVD and workout. And man. .. sweat never felt so good! Today's meal plan has been very clean too. I am just scared what i will eat while watching the Superbowl tonight. My plan tonight is to watch portion sizes, watch out for foods high in sodium, and drinks lots of water (no alcohol or sodas, OMG, did I just say that. Everyone pray!). I will update this post to let you know how I did. In the meantime here is my meal plan for today:

  • Breakfast: 1 serving of oatmeal, grapes, and 1 turkey sausage
  • Lunch: Lobster tail and veggie salad
  • Snack: Yogurt and banana
  • Dinner: Update later
  • Snack: Update later

If you are getting in shape in this new year, what did you do to be active today? How was your eating and what did you eat? I would love to help you and support your in meeting your goals too!

Until later, have a fabulous time watching the Superbowl!!

Go PACK GOOOO!! (Native to Wisconsin, so I have to root for my packers!!

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