Fitness With P90X: Day 5 Yoga, OMG!

Tuesday Jan12th, 11:16am:

I literally just finished the workout for the P90X Yoga and OMG it is tough! I have never done yoga before because I thought it would be boring and too easy? Wrong!! It’s slow paced, but hard as hell! There is a lot of muscle isolation throughout the entire body and let me tell you your body is working out very hard for sure! Throughout the 48 minutes that I did do I was sweating, no joke. I stop at that time because I was starting to feel fatigued, so I did want to keep going and injure myself. Which means next week my goal is to complete the entire workout. Heck if I can make it through 48 min and should be able and strong enough next week to complete this full workout! Yey! Did anyone of you do this workout? On your first time how long did you last? I swear my legs felt like 100lb weights, lol. The one pose that did it in for me was the crab twist position. Wow!! I am not as flexible as I thought, hee hee.

OT: While doing yoga I was looking at my toes and got scared because seriously, I need a pedicure now. My polish is chipping and nail. . .TMI I know, but it is true, so I will be giving myself a pedicure right now. Chat back later to let you know how my eating when for the rest of this day!

My meal plan for today was then same as yesterday, I was being lazy on the cooking creativity. If you would like to know what I ate yesterday click “meal plan”.

Anyway Day 6 will be working out with the Kenpo DVD!! I am excited and can’t wait to try!!!

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