Oscar Blandi Jasmine Collection: My New Hair Routine

Hey beauties! If you have seen my most recent hair video on my Halley's Curls Gentle Wave Relaxed Hair you noticed me talking about my newest hair routine. Well in today I will be sharing with you all the specifics I use on my Halley's Curls and My hair too! As you all know that I started wearing Halley's Curls back in August 2010 and with the use of this beautiful hair I was using the Dove Intensive therapy hair routine with it. I love the Dove line, but I was eager to try something new. I blame the fashion and beauty magazine for this.

While at Sephora I came across Oscar Blandi Jasmine collection and what I read I found out that the hair collection is great for creating shine and frizz free hair without all of the harsh sulfates. So I got some samples and tried it on my hair and the Halleys Curls, and let me tell you. .  I loved the way my hair and the Halley's Curls felt after using the products. So I went back to purchase the entire hair care line for me to use.

Oscar Blandi Jasmine Hair Collection

  • Oscar Blandi Shampoo di Jasmine Smoothing Shampoo 8.45 oz, $20 is essential for cleansing and smoothing all hair types that tend to be frizzy or unruly. Infused with natural extracts of jasmine and vitamin E, this smoothing shampoo creates a luxurious moisturizing lather that prepares and tames hair for maximum pre-styled frizz control.
  • Oscar Blandi Balsamo di Jasmine Smoothing Conditioner 8.45 oz, $20is essential for conditioning and smoothing all hair types that tend to be frizzy or unruly. Infused with natural extracts of Jasmine and vitamin E, this smoothing conditioner controls hair and instantly seals the cuticle for maximum pre-styled frizz control.
  • Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo 2.5 oz, $19 is the ultimate time saver. It refreshes, revives, and rejuvenates the hair in a matter of minutes—no water or blow dryer required. Voted Best Dry Shampoo and Best Quick Fix by Allure magazine, it effectively soaks up oil, removes product build-up, and boosts volume. Hair looks, feels, and smells freshly shampooed with a clean, lemon verbena scent. Go ahead, hit snooze!
  • Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Serum 1.69 oz, $35Jasmine Oil Serum provides instant and long lasting shine to all hair types. It prevents unwanted frizz while giving shine, definition, and light reflection to dull hair. Jasmine Oil Serum adds strength, protection and shine to hair, minimizing fly-aways. To use: Apply a few drops and style as desired. On damp hair apply before blow-drying to protect hair from heat. On dry hair apply to finish the desired look. May also be applied before flat ironing to protect from heat and enhance shine
  • Oscar Blandi Proteine di Jasmine Protein Mist for Restyling Hair 8.45 oz, $18 Created for restyle, Proteine di Jasmine is a protein mist for refreshing your look the next day. Infused with soy and wheat proteins, this styling aid seals the cuticle. This allows hair to withstand the heat and abuse we subject our hair when using a flat/curling iron or blow dryer so that we can achieve the same look from the initial style.
  • Oscar Blandi Trattamento al Fango 5.3 oz, $26 brings an element of earth's healing power to your haircare regimen. Fango was originally used to soothe and heal sore joints and muscles, and has now been formulated to provide the same healing benefits to hair. This treatment is a unique and intense curative formula based on marine mud that rapidly improves the condition of the hair.

Source: Sephora.com

I have been using this collection of hair care products for over a month and I feel that these products are taking care of my natural hair and extending the life of my Halley's Curls too! The hair products to me smells fresh and clean. The other great benefit is that it adds a nice healthy shine and soft texture to my hair and the Halley's Curls too! If you are interested in trying these products out click on teh links above to purchase otherwise I recommend going to your local sephora and asking for a few samples to try.

Oscar Blandi Video Review

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Hair Extensions: Halley’s Curls Review

Hey my hairnistas out there that love to have the weaves looking fierce! I recently came across HalleyCurls.com on youtube, through my obsessiveness of watching reviews and tutorials myself, I was personally looking for a new brand of hair extensions to try even though my Lord & Cliff Art Remi Hair lasted me so long I wanted to try another brand to see how it compares to the brands I have tried in the past.

Back on July 16th I decided to order my first Halleys Curls hair from Halleyscurls.com. The ordering process was easy and to my surprise my order arrived very quickly the following Monday! Wow, right!!

Here's my Order:

Halleys Curls

I was impressed with the packaging because it looked like the packaging you get from your local beauty supply store. It also came with the business cards along with my receipt and return policy. The hair that I ordered was the 12" & 14" Malaysian Salon Relaxed hair. The reason why I got this hair is due to the texture. The hair resembles the texture of relaxed African-American hair! I am not kidding it does!! So, before I got to excited I went ahead and started to prep my hair for my install. The recommend to do the follow be for installing the hair:


I have to say that I have never used these products because I thought that I was supposed to use products that are for "African American" hair, but according to my stylist I was wrong. The products are great because they will not agitate your cuticles and strip your hair of vital moisture it needs to retain. So I am going to used this product on my natural hair too. Why? Because the product smells fabulous and the hair did not have that dried out coarse texture after washing. So. . .Tasha LOVES Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Line of products!! I even got my hair lady interested in it too.

The are the products I used By Dove:
Hair products

Hair Preparation & Drying:

Co Washing Halleys Curls

Dry time

I have to say that this was a process, but necessary to get the hair ready for install. After the hair dries you can seal the wefts on the hair with Aleene's hair glue to help minimize shedding. However, after talking with the Halleys Curls they assured me that I did not have to glue the wefts no longer because the wefts are sewn with such quality that the shedding is minimal without gluing the weft. So the next time around I will not glue the wefts because it took FOREVER, lol to do this task.

Anyway, I got my hair installed a few day later and I was soooo excited because I love the way the hair feels and I love my new style for this fall season!

My New Style:

My Hair Install

Back View

I love this new style!! I am feeling a bit Kim Kardashian with the dark curly locks, but I will gets used it. I am just so used to my 1b30 hair color I wore this entire spring and summer. Many have been commenting on my Youtube channel do have a frontal installed or a closure? The answer to that question is no! My stylist left my hair out on top by the part section of my style and blended in my hair with the extensions, pretty cool, huh? I honest don't like wearing closures because I feel so hot and my scalp needs to breath.

All in all, I love this new hair! I have been wearing this hair for a week and not tangles or extreme shedding at all! If you looking for something like this for your next install definitely check out Halleyscurls.com! I think they are still having they sale that end July 31st!! Anyway, if you would like to see my video review click on the video below. I also have a playlist on my Youtube channel called Hair extension and Hair Care. There you will see products I use on my hair and styling tools I am loving for the moment.

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Hair Care: Washing & Conditioning Sew-in Extensions

Hey my beauty chameleons, if you follow me on youtube then you already have seen my video on how I care for my hair when I am wearing extensions/weave that have been sewn-in. Many subscribers of mine have been requesting a video on how I get my Milky Way’s Saga Gold Premium Yaky Remi hair weave to last so long without the matting and tangling. I honestly don’t do anything special, but following my hair care regime. For my weekly wash I use the following items:

So, overall I am not a professional hair stylist my any means. I just read books that educate and ask my stylist lots of questions too and I recommend you do the same because everyone’s hair is different. Anyway, if you would like to see my process on me using the items mentioned above feel free to watch my tutorial provided below.

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