Skincare: Olay Professional ProX

51taqdr3nxl_sl500_aa280_Olay Anti-Aging Starter Protocol, Pro-x, 1-kit$69 is a new Olay Professional Pro-X is a scientifically advanced line of skin care products created by an inspired partnership of renowned dermatologists and P&G Beauty Scientists (The Olay Professional Alliance for Skin Care Innovation). Together they took advantage of the very latest research, technology, ingredients, and thinking to create breakthrough anti-aging Pro-X products. It works by resignaling your skin to repair the moisture barrier and boost the surface-cell turnover rate. So you get younger-acting, younger-looking skin in 28 days. Guaranteed.*

The Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol is your introduction to the three-part daily program. It contains starter sizes of Age Repair Lotion SPF 30, Eye Restoration Complex, and Wrinkle Smoothing Cream. Each product in the daily regimen contains a unique combination of the Alliance’s highest recommended levels of proven anti-aging ingredients in a patented formula.

This is awesome news if you can’t afford to shell out hundreds of dollars on skincare at the department store or Sephora. As far as I saw there were a lot a great reviews on this product at amazon that gave this system 4 stars or better. So, if you are looking for an anti aging system check this one out!

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