Art Club’s Glam Instant Nails: Black, White & Bling

Hello my nail polish divas out there! This post is for you! I have been holding off on this post for a while because one I was sick earlier this month and second I was learning how to use my new camcorder just for this and filming videos too! Well, at the end of January I was at my local Sally Beauty Supply store of course just picking up so supplies for completing my sew-in, right? And you know when you got to Sally's you just can't go in with out looking at the fun nail polishes, right? Well. . . I was looking at my favorite China glaze products and looked down and came across Art Club's Instant Nail stickers and I was in aw of all of the bling, bilng, lol. So you know me I had to pick up a few to try out!

I picked them up because I wanted to see how they compare to Sally Hansen's Instant Nail stickers. The difference between the too are:

  1. The Art Club instant Nails only comes with 15 stickers and that's it for $3.99. While the Sally Hansen's comes with the same amount, but you also receive a nail file and a orange stick for $8.99. So yet the Sally 'sis more expensive it's more convenient for those that do not own a stash of nail supplies you have all of the supplies needed without having to make a trip to the store for an orange stick and file.
  2. The Art Club is a bit thicker and blingier, however the downside to this is even after applying a top coat (Seche Vite) after a few days due to the thickness of the sticker the top layer of the sticker begins to peel 🙁 With the Sally Hansen's the sticker is much thinner and last a bit longer with a top coat like Seche Vite. You will not experience the peeling like Art club's. So keep that in mind if you are a busy lady and do not have the time to make adjustments during your busy work wee.

All in all, I like the Art club instant nail stickers and will continue to rock them because I get bored of wearing the same nail color or design after a few days, lol. I am totally a nail polish freak, hee hee. But if you are not like me and need them to last I would think about the pros and cons mention before buying. Also, before I forget I noticed that these stickers are not available online yet. If any of you beauties are found them for purchase online please leave the link in the comment section below, Thanks!!

Anyway. . since I had so much fun playing with them I decided to share some picks and a step by step tutorial for you all to see. I hope that you all enjoy and until next time treat your nails like jewels and not like tools!

Pictures Of the Instant Nail Art with Sephora By Opi's Metro Chic Nailpolish

Step By Step Nail Tutorial


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