Tips To Make Your Make-up Shopping Experience Wonderful!

Hey Beauties!! I just read and awesome article about “How to Get What You Want At The Makeup Counter” over at  You all know that I work in makeup and know how much I love servicing clients daily and there are some days where I wish beauties would consider a few things before they come and visit a makeup store. This article touched based on many things we as consumers should consider when shopping in makeup in a retailed environment. The few points that hit home with me were:

  1. Communication is key. I can completely relate to that! My pet peeve is when a client says…”I need something for my face?” What does that translate too? You need foundation? moisturizer? concealer? blush? mask?? You get the idea…
  2. Consider the other side of the counter.
  3. How to get a make over.

I really would love for you all to check out this article tell me what you think by leaving me some feedback below! If you work in makeup or if you are a person that loves to shop for makeup what are your thoughts?

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