Sigma’s Premium Professional Kit with Brush Roll: The Review

Hey my beauties!! Today I am reviewing Sigma's Premium Professional Kit for you all. Now, before I get started you all know that I would only give you my honest opinion of products that I mention here at and on my youtube channel as well. When I am reviewing products for you all I only review them because I truly love using the products or they are products that I have used in the past that I also enjoyed using too. I am also aware that there have been some wonderful reviews on the Sigma brushes and some not so positive reviews on their product, but remember everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Now, if you have been a long time subscriber to my youtube channel (NHOP76) you already now that back in July of 2008 I have purchased with my own money my first set of Sigma brushes which was the 12 piece Complete Kit without Brush Roll for $79 and loved them ever since then. And to add, I still use my original Sigma brush set in my current videos to this day. So, with that said I have not experience the issues that some people are expressing in previous Sigma videos that you may have seen on youtube. So as a result, I am a happy customer of sigma!

Let's get to the reason why I am reviewing the Sigma 15 Piece Premium Professional Brush Kit! I have been receiving lots of requests from you my youtube subscribers asking me to review this kit. Some of you have expressed that you are a free lance MUA and can not afford to spend lots of money of MAC, NARS, and other department store brands to build up your MUA kits or some of you just want to know if they are worth using for personal use. So as a result, I personally contacted Sigma to see if they would consider sending me this kit for review. After consideration Sigma was very kind in sending me this kit for me to review for you all my fabulous subscribers. For the record, in this review I will not be comparing Sigma to MAC cosmetics, Sephora or any brand because each brand have their own uniqueness on how they create their brushes. I am reviewing these brushes because they are very affordable for those breaking into the makeup world and want nice brushes that will do a wonderful job. Keep in mind I do own some MAC, Sephora, NARS and even Sonia Kashuk brushes.

The Review

On November 8th is when my Sigma brushes arrived to my home!! First of all I will really impressed with the packaging when I received it! My brushes did not arrive in a USPS box like my original ordered arrived back in 2009 instead it arrived in a black box with Sigma's logo on it, nice! When I open the package my products was wrapped in pink tissue paper with a note from Sigma. Nice personalized touch to my products. The product itself was wrapped in the brush roll with a Sigma logo sleeve around it and this was also place inside a mesh black bag along with product card describing what each brush does and another card on how to take care of your brushes.



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Everything was packaged very nicely and the brushes were protected with a plastic guard and plastic wrapping too. Now before I washed my brushes I also decided to take pictures of them just so you can see what they looked like before that were used.

Face & Lip Brushes


  • Large Powder Brush F20: is a large paddle-shaped brush with a fluffy and rounded tip perfect for applying powder products on face adn body.
  • Lip Brush L05: Is great for getting a detailed and defined lip application.

  • Tapered Face Brush F25:  Is a large domed brush with a tapered tip. Ideal for blending of bronzers, blushes and highlighters
  • Powder/Blush Brush F10: A medium round brush great for applying blush.
  • Duo Fibre Powder/Blush Brush F15: Medium sized tapered duo fiber brush widely disperses highly pigmented or mineralized powders. Another great brush for applying on blush and highlighters.
  • Tapered Highlighter F35: Great for setting powder under the eye area and also small enough for highlighters and contouring.
  • Large Concealer F65: Large synthetic brush that can be used to apply cream based products to large areas of the face. Can also be used for liquid and cream blushes too.
  • Concealer F75: Is a concealer brush used for smaller areas of the face.

Eye Brushes


  • Large Fluff E50: This one is to be a versatile brush ideal for applying and blending products on the eyes and face. I used it for applying eye color all over the lid.
  • Blending E25: Oval shaped brush with chiseled side. Great for blending powder and cream shadows.
  • Tapered Blending E35: fluffy long bristled brush with a tapered tip. This one is great for blending shadows in the crease area of the eye and softening harsh edges.
  • Small Tapered Blending E45: Small domed brush with a tapered tip. Great for adding more definition of color in the crease area of the eye.
  • Short Shader E20: This one is flat, short and slightly rounded & dense brush. This is great for creating a smokey lash line or applying color to the lid area of the eye.
  • Small Eye Liner E10: This is great for a precise line using cream and gel liners.
  • Flat Definer E15: Small and very firm brush that can also be used for lining the eye with powder, cream and liquid liners.

Now that you know what's all inside I decided to give all of my brushes a deep clean before using them. Which I recommend to do with any brush you purchase from any brand. Sigma recommend to use a mild soap or baby shampoo to care for the brush. So, as a result I used baby shampoo. While washing my large face brushes I did notice a little bit of black dye in the water while washing them. This did not alarm me too much because I had the same thing happened to me when I washes my brushes from Sephora and MAC, just saying. As far as shedding, very minimal. The large fluff E50 shed like 5 hairs and the tapered face brush shed very little. So nothing to the extreme, so far. Now that my brushes are all clean I will wait for them to dry and begin to use them everyday to see how they maintain over a 30 day trial run.


December 14th
I have used the brushes for over 30 days and I have to say that the brushes worked wonderfully for me. They applied my makeup just as beautiful as the other brushes I own in my my up collection and I own a variety from MAC, Sephora, NARS, Sonia Kashuk and others. During the trial period I did make sure to wash my brushes 1 every week and I have not experience any severe fall out of bristles, blending or ferrules falling apart either. I personally fee that if a consumer experience this issue they should really contact Sigma because I am sure that they would replace your brushes if you experience this issue just like any other makeup retailer would do.

As far as makeup application I was able to create some beautiful looks with all of the eye and face brushes. The only brush that was a minor issue was the fluff brush. That did shed for me, but not to the point of returning. Other than that I love the rest of the brushes I just wish that instead of having a large concealer brush in this kit they should have added a foundation brush just so the consumer can purchase one kit and not have to add on to something that is so crucial to makeup application.

Overall, I feel the Sigma Premium Professional brush kit is a great kit for someone this is getting started in makeup. Whether you are a new makeup artist on a budget or you are just a makeup diva wanting some fabulous brushes to enhance your everyday makeup look. This kit is very affordable being that you get 15 nice quality brushes for only $149. However if you are used to High end makeup brushes then stick to them, but with Sigma beauty you have a chance to get started without breaking the bank. As, a result I personally will continue to use this brush for I like them a lot and my future clients will get a chance to enjoy them while getting fabulous during their consultations.

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