Sigma Makeup’s Make Me Crazy Brush Set Overview

Hey Beauties! Today I am excited to share with you this gorgeous and divalicious brush set from As you all already know I have been using Sigma brushes for over 1yr & ½ and my experience with the brushes have been nothing but great. Like I will say in the video below I have watched other videos on Sigma brushes good and bad, however my opinion and experience has been great!!

The brushes Sigma was so kind to send me are the adorable and chic Make me Crazy professional brush set! Isn’t it cute! First of all, my favorite brushes with colored handles in my favorite color which is purple! OMG!! How cute are these for all of us divas out there??

The brushes in the Make me Crazy kit are the same brushes in the 12 piece professional kit and they sell for $99 per kit. This kit is not only in purple, but coral,black and aqua too! So you can find a brush set in the color of your liking which is a plus!

The brushes included in this kit are also follows:

  • LARGE POWDER BRUSH – F30: This brush are natural bristles that is very dense and great to used with pressed or loose powder to set your makeup. I typically used this with my MUFE HD powder or my NARS pressed powder.
  • DUO FIBRE – F50: This brush I love to use in order to create an “airbrushed look” with liquid and cream foundations. For full coverage I will use this brush in a stippling motion to increase coverage if needed. For a light finish I will use this brush in a buffing circular motion. This brush is also great to use for highlighting shades and blushes too! The bristles are a blend of synthetic and natural bristle.
  • FOUNDATION BRUSH – F60: This is a great stiff foundation brush to apply liquid and cream foundation for a flawless finish. You can also use this brush to apply your favorite moisturizer too. The bristles in this brush are synthetic which is great for those that have sensitive skin.
  • CONCEALER – F70: This is also another favorite brush that I LOVE to use for of course concealing under my eye area, but I also love to use it to block out my eyebrow area to make my eyebrows pop! This brush is also synthetic.
  • LARGE ANGELD CONTOUR – F40: I love to use this brush for apply blush and couture my face as well. I like the fact that the brush is not too stiff. It is very soft to the skin. The bristle are natural bristles.


  • LARGE SHADER – E60: This flat brush is great for applying shadows quickly all over the lid or get for blending cream shadows and eye shadow primers on the lid.
  • EYE SHADING – E55: This brush is great for building up intense color on the lid for those of you that love intense and edgy looks on your eye lid like me at time, lol.
  • TAPERED BLENDING – E40: Great for blending in the crease area of the eyes.
  • MEDIUM ANGLED SHADING – E70: This is great for 3 things: adding highlight under the brow bone, blending the inner corner of the eyes and in the crease too. I usually don’t use this brush, but it can be a nice alternative to blending.
  • PENCIL – E30: I love to use this one to intensify colors in the crease areas or I like to define colors along the lower lash line of my eye with shadow.
  • SMALL ANGLE – E65: This can be used with a gel or cream liner although the brush is a little thick for me so I use it for filling in the brows.
  • EYE LINER – E05: This brush was created to line the lash line with cream or gel liner. Although this one is another one that would be too thick for me. However this a great size for a beginner with make up to use.

Overall, I love this cute brush set! I truly feel that this would be a great set to use on a daily basis and a great travel companion. I like this to travel with because the container is strong and durable enough to protect the brushes. The fact that you can get the brushes in your favorite color is awesome. The kit is also balanced with a great amount of face and eye brushes for any beginner or freelance makeup artist to use in their kit. The only negative things I did not like about the kit are as follows:

  • the eye liner brush is not fine enough and the large shader brush could have been a little smaller.
  • The Powder Brush had a slit chemical odor to it, however after washing it the odor was reduced. Also while washing the was mild bleeding of the brush color, but I was not too alarmed being that some of my MAC and Sephora brushes did the same thing when I purchased those washed them too.
  • The Duo Fibre brush had mild bleeding while washing too.
  • The was minimal shedding of the larger brushes mainly the duo fibre and powder brush.

All in all I love them! After washing them the brushes retained there shape, they were great for working with my eyeshadows and foundations. I truly think that these brushes are great for anyone getting into makeup or freelancing too. Just wait. . . You all will be seeing these cuties pop up in my newer videos.

If you are interested in purchasing this brush kit click the link “here” also use coupon code "GLAM2011" and save $$$.

Do you own this kit already? What do you like about this kit? Please leave your comment below.


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