Nails: China Glaze’s Sex In The City Nail Polish Review

Now, I knew that everyone love’s OPI nail polish and I do too, but I think I found my new love for nail polish! It’s the china glaze line! The price of the polish is only $4.20 or if you can catch a sale a Sally’s Beauty Supply for $2.50 is even better. So, what is China glaze?

About them:

Unleash your inner color with China Glaze… They offer:

  1. Long-wearing formula with hardeners
  2. Non-thickening formula
  3. Professional 440-strand brush for ease of application
  4. Free of DBP / Toluene and added Formaldehyde
  5. Great coverage
  6. Comprehensive Nail Treatments for all nail types
  7. The latest technology in formulas and color selection
  8. Professional staff of manicurists
  9. Economically priced

china_glaze_sexy_lady_headerThe nail polish I just recently purchased from this collection is China Glaze Nail Polish Sexy in the City 72033 / 553. Let me tell you That I love this color. It is so bright, bold and fun. The application was so easy. With all nail color I recommend to make sure you nails are cleaned and buffed down. Then you should always wear a clear base coat. The base coat is used kind of like a primer to hold the color on longer. Finally, apply the color and finish it off with a top coat. Yes, it is some work and some may say where do you find the time to do all of this? Well, think about it, you could be sitting down watching your favorite show for 1 hour. Guess what? That is the perfect time to pamper yourself while you watch your favorite show, right? You deserve to pamper yourself.




Beauty Pros: I did not have to apply no more than 1 1/2 coats of color. The color did not streak when applying to the nail, and the color has been on my nails for 2 days and no chipping!! And let me tell you, I am a mom and I always have my hand in water cleaning up after and little one. I also type a lot too. I will definitely buy more!! There are so many colors to choose from.

Beauty Cons: I really don’t have any.



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