Maybelline Stiletto Lash Mascara Review

maybelline-lash-stilettoOkay, I was browsing through my e-mail and came across an message from showing their top 9 hottest product of the month and the Maybelline Stiletto Lash Mascara $7.49 came in a number 2 for the most review product. So, knowing myself, I had to check this out and purchase it. I love getting length to my lashes because they are very short, so I have and finally tired it out today. My thoughts?

Product Description:

This Ultimate Length Mascara give seductive length, a shiny patent finish, and it also strengthens and conditions the lash with provitiman B5. They recommend to curl your lashes before apply this product and also to apply as many coats until desired length is achieved, but make sure you don’t let it dry in between coats.

Beauty Pros: It does give nice length!!

Beauty Cons: If you have short and then lashes like I do the result will look thin and spikey. The brush is nothing amazing, but for the price it’s worth the purchase if you have a full lash line of lashes.

Before & After:


Rating: purple_star

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