Makeup & Skincare Haul: MAC & Sephora

Hey beauties!! It is that time of year again! You said it makeup haul time!! I was running out of skincare and I wanted to add some new items to my collection too! On facebook I mentioned that I was heading to the MAC counter and some of you mentioned that I needed to check out some concealers and lip colors. So…I did just that! I was a woman on a mission!! I ended up picking some new lip colors from the “All About Orange” collection from MAC in addition to some new lip liners and complexion products!

In addition to my MAC haul I did some shopping at Sephora too! I had some extra shopping power since hubby gave me the gift of beauty for our 14th wedding anniversary we celebrated on June 12th. Needless to say I went a little crazy. Clarisonic, skincare stuff and a bit of color too! Check out my video for details of my haul. What items have you hauled lately? If you went a hauling too please share!!

My Sephora & MAC Haul

Items Purchased

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