Makeup Review: Raving Beauty Cosmetics Shadows & Brushes

New shadow shades are in and have been tested for good quality before sharing with all of my beauty chameleons out there! Earlier this month Raving Beauty Cosmetics sent me some beautiful shades of shadows to test out and review. In addition to the shadows the owner of Raving Beauty Cosmetics was so nice to send some vegan friendly brushes for me to review for you all as well. You all know me I love my Sephora, MAC, NARS and Sigma brushes, but a lot of my subscribers requested that I show and review brushes that are less expensive for people just starting out in makeup, so as a result I was able to come through with some awesome brush to share with you too!

Raving Beauty Cosmetics Eye Shadows I received are:

Black Sapphire, Sweet Juliet, Mystic Fairy and Venus Teal

Each shadows are in a 5 gram jar filled with a teaspoon measurement of shadow for $5.oo each. All can be found at . The shadows I received are not as pigmented like the ones I received last month which is great because a lot of my viewers are afraid of pigmented shadows and i feel that these shadows are perfect for those just breaking into color for the first time!! I totally enjoyed creating this look with the shadows!

The Look:

If you like this look the tutorial will be coming soon in another post here and on my youtube channel Nhop76.

The brushes I received are pretty good for those that are just breaking into makeup and don’t want to spend too much money getting started. The brushes are also great for those that have sensitive skin too. Brushes? Well, the brushes I received from Raving Beauty Cosmetics are apart of her Vegan line of makeup brushes. All of the brushes are made from 100% synthetic Bristles and Vegan approved. They are also made with eco friendly brich handles with alloy ferrules. The brushes I received are:

The Vegan Foundation Brush, Blush Brush and Powder Brushes

All of the brushes are soft to the touch on the skin and has little or no shedding at all which is awesome!  Keep in mind I have been using them for a month and during that time they have been washed and used constantly to make sure the quality is up to par. The Vegan Brushes are priced at $9.95 and can also be found at RavingbeautyCosmetics as well. For a full review please watch my review video listed below.

For more information check out my review on the shadows and brushes below.

The Review:

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