Luminess Air: Everyday Beauty Airbrush System Review

How many of you love airbrushed foundation? Or you are new to the thought of airbrushed makeup and would like to know what options you have when it comes to investing in a machine that will work best for your lifestyle? Well, today I will be sharing with you my thoughts on the Luminess Air Everyday Beauty Airbrush System. A little over 2 two weeks ago Luminess Air sent me for review consideration their Everyday beauty Airbrush System. I was curious to test this system out because of the possibility and flexibility of mixing and customizing your foundation shade. I feel this is very important because not everyone is one shade and if an airbrush system gives me the flexibility to do that then that is a plus to me.

What I received is the Everyday Beauty Airbrush System which includes the following for only $169:

  • Airbrush system
  • 2 .55oz Ultra Foundations (number 7 & Number 9)
  • 1 Cleaning Bottle
  • Color Pack which includes: 1 blush, 1 bronzer, 1 Glow, and 1 primer
  • Get started DVD
  • Get started Guide


Now let's talk about the system. The system itself is very lightweight and did not require any manual installation. You literately just plug and play even though I do suggest reading the manual if you are a first time user to airbrushing. Trust me, it will make your airbrushing experience much more enjoyable by reading and watching the get started DVD. The compressor does not have a PSI dial so there was no need to adjust the pressure. The pressure adjustment is right on the pen itself. There are 3 levels of  pressure on the pen depending on what type of coverage you desire. For me a sheer to medium coverage is what I desire, but I was able to achieve a full coverage without any problems.

The system is very lightweight and easy to get started all you do is press the on/off button and that's all. The one thing I was impressed with is how quiet the system was while operating it. Just like you will hear me mentioned in the review video below I was using it one day and my hubby said he did not hear me use it, so I thought that was awesome! So it was already approved in my household for using it in the morning while everyone is still getting out of the groggy state from sleeping, lol.

The airbrush stylus is very strong and durable and already comes attached to the machine which is a plus for those new to airbrushing foundation. The pressure adjustment is very easy to control and you get 3 points of pressure for sheer to full coverage foundation.

The water bottle is essential to use after every application. This will help keep your machine clean and splatter free. I keep this filled with fresh water when airbrushing because there will be times you may want to airbrush on your blush color, eyeshadow and such and by cleaning it after every use you will not have to worry about spraying on left over eye shadow when you are attempting to only apply foundation.

The foundation I received with this kit is the Ulta Series foundation in shades 7 and 9. From what I learned the odd numbers resemble shades with yellow undertone and the even numbered foundation are with red undertones. In addition to that, the Ultra series foundations gives flawless foundation offering a perfect glow and balanced texture, from sheer to full coverage, and for all skin types. This foundation is oil-free, Mineral based, alcohol & preservative free. According to Luminess Air this makeup is long wearing and is perfect for everyday application which is true unless you are going to be outside all day long doing high level of activities like biking, jogging and such.

Applying the foundation into the system was a breeze. You literately just apply 4-6 drops of makeup into the pen and you are ready to airbrush. I also like that it I needed to customer mix my shade I had the ability to do so with this system. Why, custom mix? Well. . .when I am outdoors with the family I end up with a golden tan which mean shade #7 in the kit will be a little too light, so simply adding a few drop of shade #8 or #9 I able able to get a beautiful match. So the system is very flexible. When airbrushing it was very easy for me to apply on the product without splatters happening. So overall the ease of applying it wonderful.

The feel of the foundation is interesting. .  Interesting in a way that when I was applying a full coverage application it did not feel like I was wearing a  very heavy cakey type of makeup. I wore it to work during 8 hours shifts and I have to say that when I returned home from a long day at work my foundation still appeared to look smooth and non cakey. This was very surprising to me being that I live in central Texas with 100+ degree weather everyday and I mean everyday! The other thing I noticed is that the airbrush foundation did not feel like it was floating on my skin or wet either. So overall I was very impressed with the outcome of this product.


The Color extras kit was a great inclusion to the system. This included the primer to prep your skin for a smooth application, bronzer luminizer and blush which is great to complete a flawless application for an everyday look. For my skintone to the bronzer look more like a luminizer for me so, It would be nice to have a bronzer in a deeper shade or maybe a thought. .  I could mix in the darker foundation shade to deepen it up too!

Other items I received that does not come with the system, but they can be purchased separately are:

  • Boost-it $24.95: This complexion product is made to brighten and instantly tighten then skin in seconds which is great because being almost 35 years ( Sept. 2nd is my 35th Birthday!!) I will take any of the tightening and firming I can get!!
  • Eyeshadow Duo $32, in Ore. Shades 28 & 41. Which I will do a separate tutorial/ review.


The BOOST-it! (.55oz), $24.95, according to Luminess Air is a first of its kind complexion enhancer that instantly tightens and brightens the appearance of skin in seconds. The Innovative hybrid blend of skincare and cosmetics supports skin health while giving instant visible results. Works great on its own or as a primer before applying cosmetics to enhance any makeup. Perfect for everyday use, all skin shades, tones and types and is completely oil-free. Can be used with or without an airbrush. I am not too sure if I notice instant tightening of my skin, but my skin did have a healthy luminous glow after applying this one and you will see that in the video below. I definitely will say this, if you are a woman noticing your first signs of aging I would definitely recommend using this product.

Lastly, I received the Luminess airbush eyeshadow kit, $32. I am still in the process of reviewing this one, for I have not airbrushed eyeshadow before. However, I like the thought of airbrushing the shadow because there will not be a need for a eye shadow brush! So I will definitely follow up with you all on this one in a separate video for sure.

Overall, I truly enjoyed using this airbrush system. It was easy to set up and use without making any mess. I also that for the price of $169 you get a system that is truly affordable and also give you a full complexion of foundation, luminizer, bronzer and blush. If you are thinking about testing the waters with airbrush makeup I would definitely recommend this system to get started with.


Luminess Airbrush System Review Video


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