Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer & Treatment Review

Hello my beauties, today I will be sharing with you my experience with using the amazing Eve Pearl's Salmon Concealer & Treatment. If you have been subscribe to my Youtube channel you may have seen me reveal my Eve pearl purchase in my January haul earlier this year and you may have been saying when are you going to share your experience with it? Well, today is the day. I have been using Eve Pearl's Salmon Concealer & Treatment prior to the New Year and I love it. Before I tell you why I love it so much let me share with you some information about this amazing concealer.

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According to Eve Pearl the Salmon Concealer & Treatment is Oil Free • Water Free • Paraben Free • Petrolatum Free Fragrance Free • Mineral Oil Free and Cruelty Free. Now this concealer is unlike other concealers because of the use of the “Salmon” or pinky/peach color as an under eye concealer to neutralize the dark blue undertones from the skin. Most yellows mixed with the blue undertones create those greenish/grey raccoon eyes that are highlighted and only accentuate the problem area.) Have you ever experienced that? I know I have with the typical yellow mixed concealers.

"This luxurious, lightweight cream provides the most versatile sheer – medium – full coverage with a non-greasy texture that glides on the under eyes area or face, while allowing your skin to breathe. It blends into the skin and the universal spectrum of color in the pigments adapt to the skin tone and the changes caused by body chemistry, weather and sun exposure. Ideal for use when flawless precision is required with High Definition Cameras, Lights and REAL LIFE…for all ages."

What's inside this amazing concealer?

*CosmeNutrients®  is Cosmetics infused with nutrients. Combining the unique blends of vitamins, minerals, proteins, peptides and anti-oxidants into multi-functional cosmetic formulations. It provides

• Astaxanthin/AstaReal® A powerful anti-oxidant 500 times stronger than vitamin E

• Packed with Omega 3

• A natural sunscreen equivalent to SPF 20 without any chemicals

• Hydrates, protects & rejuvenates your skin’s texture and elasticity

• Anti-inflammatory properties to soothe, treat and protect against sun damage

• Covers redness, discolorations, dark circles, scarring, tattoos and more

So as you can see from reading about this concealer, it not like any other typical concealer. Why? Because this concealer also treats and protect the skin as well. Now the way I use this concealer is by using a concealer brush to apply it on however, you can use your favorite tool in order to create your personal flawless look. I have to say that this concealer is very lightweight and feels like no other. This concealer applies on smooth and last all day for me which is awesome when I what beauty that last all day long. The only downside to this concealer is the price which is $42, however, I had to reconsider that because this concealer not only conceals, but it treats the eye area too.

The other item I picked up is the Eve Pearl Loose Setting Powder in shade "B", $22. I picked this one up because I wanted a loose powder to set my liquid and cream foundations with it clogging my pores or leave my foundation looking cakey.

According to Eve Pearl this powder will complete your makeup look with a flawless finish that lasts all day.  This lightweight loose setting powder locks in, seals and extends the life of your makeup…especially great for those who want a water resistant effect.  Less time spent on touch-ups means more time to live your life!?? Honestly, this powder is very lightweight and feels so comfortable on my skin and makes me feel like I am not wearing makeup.


After using both items since the end of 2010, I have to say I love this concealer and I am so glad that Eve Pearl carries concealers like this for women of color too. I have tried and wanted to try other brands like Benefit cosmetics erase paste, but the only downfall is that the product is not available in deeper shades for women like me and others. If you are looking for concealers like this one. I definitely recommend this one to any woman of color that is looking for a product that will camouflage dark circles without leaving you with the raccoon look. If you would like to see how I use this amazing concealer please watch my video below.

My Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer & Treatment Review Video


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