CARGO blu_ray(TM) High Definition Lip Gloss

blu-ray-lipThe makeup industry always seem to surprise all the time, and let me tell you Cargo is the brand to surprise me this month! Cargo just released their new lip gloss called CARGO blu_ray(TM) High Definition Lip Gloss. This particular lip gloss by Cargo is very unique to any brand in the industry because this tube of gloss includes a very unique strip in the cap that turns red. After nine months it will let you know that it is time to toss out your old tube. Isn’t that great?

Sometimes, I hate when I open up one of my favorite glosses then to find out that it went rancid and unusable. How about you? Cargo’s Blu_ray Lip gloss is offered in seven colors:


What they say about this product:

What it is:A lip gloss created specifically for high-definition filming.What it does:CARGO blu_ray(TM) High Definition Gloss provides a high-shine and plumping effect that makes lips look full and smooth for picture-perfect results. The technology-driven formula has a plumping and line-filling effect for instantly fuller and smoother lips with long-term results. It delivers high shine without the shimmer making it perfect for photography. The formula improves elasticity of the lips and provides the ultimate in hydration and comfort while the cap features Timestrip(R) technology to show you when your gloss needs to be replaced.

What else you need to know: Timestrip(TM) is a strip that remembers when a product was first opened and alerts you when it is no longer wise to use it. Simply insert the Timestrip(TM) into the cap and it is immediately activated. As the months go by the Timestrip(TM) window gradually turns red and, when the entire window is red, it is time to replace your gloss.

Beauty Pros: I went to check out this product at my nearest sephora and I have to say that it is not sticky. You know have the sticky lip gloss is like a magnet for your hair. This one wasn’t and it was nice and hydrating too.

Beauty Cons: The price is $24 so a little high, but I guess for the technology your are paying for it is worth it. Also if you are looking for a long wearing lip gloss this is not the one for you. Generally the stickier the gloss the longer it will wear.


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