Temptu Adorn Kits: Adorned Rocker Chick Tutorial

Hey my beauty chameleons! I am so excited to share with you all my experimentation with Temptu's Adorn Kits! You are probably like, what is an adorn kit? Well, what it is a temporary tattoo that can be used on the body for those of you that want to rock a tattoo without having to commit to having one for life. The kit that I was having fun with is called TEMPTU ADORN Temporary Tattoo Kit – Tribal Chic Tribal Chic, $25.

What they say and what is does?

What it is: A kit with all you need to create fun, versatile temporary tattoos.

What it does: Make a beauty statement with TEMPTU ADORN Temporary Tattoos. Every unique tattoo is a work of art hand drawn by a TEMPTU Artisan, and the designs can be worn as single images or cut into smaller pieces and applied individually. Use your imagination and adapt the design to suit the time of day, season, audience, or mood—with no risk of regret. The cosmetic-grade ink and all-ink delivery system render clean, precise, real-looking results that can last for two to five days.

This set contains:

  • 9 x Tattoo design sheets (3 sets of 3 distinct designs)
  • 20 x Tattoo application pads
  • 0.176 oz Tattoo setting powder (0.176 oz)
  • Reusable clear bag
  • Application instructions & care card
  • What else you need to know: ADORN is waterproof, sweat-proof, splash-proof, and super long-wearing.

When I got this kit I thought is was so cool because with Halloween around the corner this a perfect way to create a rocker look with tattoos without having to get a permanent one applied. I also loved this kit because it give a person the ability to wear and elaborate design without having to be a makeup artist to create one. So, this definitely gets my stamp of approval! The kit was easy to use and easy to remove, thank God! The only reason why I said that is I was creating this look for you all and I had an appointment to go to after creating this look and I was praying that it would come off fast and easy. And, it did. However, if you want it to stay on for a few days the kit does come with a setting powder that will make it waterproof and last a little longer. LOVE it!!

With all of that said I got very creative a created this look for you all using the following products:

The Final Look & Tutorial:



I have to say, the first time around was a fail, but the second time was fabulous and fun! Overall, I am so glad that I created this look because it was so much fun and something that I would not do all the time. Plus, I also help inspires someone with a creative look that you can rock going out for Halloween or anything else that is fierce for the evening!

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