Cargo 7 in 7 Mini Kit:The Review & Tutorial

If you are already subscriber to my youtube channel NHOP76 you may have seen my most recent makeup and & clothing haul video back in November, right? Well, one of the products I mentioned in the video is Cargo's 7 in 7 Mini Kit that I truly love and asked you all if I should challenge myself and see if I could actually apply the products in 7 minutes right? As promised I decided to review the product for you and create a tutorial seeing if this would be achievable.

Now what in this gorgeous set? According to Cargo this kit is suppose to take your morning routine of make up application and make it easier and faster in order to get out of the door faster and still look fabulous! Cargo as taken seven of their best-selling, pro-artist favorites, perfect for stashing in your purse or suitcase. This kit includes the Cargo basics that are the products women everywhere have come to love and Hollywood artists can't live without. This mini kit is available in three shades for a variety of skin tones: Light Medium, Warm Medium and Dark Medium.


What's in the kit:

  • Mini OneBase – A foundation and concealer in one! – Use OneBase to spot conceal in key facial areas. Blend out to a flawless complexion.
  • Mini Essential palette – The perfect eye shadows for a classic, sculpted, nude eye make-up. This must have palette contains four shades graduating shades of neutral eye shadow, each embossed with it's function Browbone, Lid, Crease, Outer Corner for easy application.
  • Mini Eye Liner – A smooth, even application without skipping
  • Mini LashActivator – A proven formula for better looking lashes in only 30 days! This lash-enhancing complex is revolutionary mascara that stimulates growth of lash follicles, promotes lash vitality and reduces lash loss. In just LashActivator is clinically proven to boost the appearance of the lashes by 169% over the natural rate of growth.
  • Mini BeachBlush – The perfect marriage of blush and bronzer. This double duty best-seller is a combination of four complimentary shades for the perfect blush and bronzer all in one.
  • Mini Reverse Lip Liner – The only liner for gloss! Line your lips from the outside in with this flesh-toned lip liner. The result: added definition, reduced feathering and fuller looking lips.
  • Mini Classic Gloss – CARGO's iconic lip gloss is a celebrity and make-up artist favorite. This non-sticky gloss is a vitamin-enriched, Paraben-free formula designed to nourish lips.

Now my thoughts on this kit, the onebase concealer is a wonderful dual purpose product for foundation and concealer. To me this product has a light to medium coverage that feels very fluid and creamy. As a result, you will not have to worry about this product feeling heavy on the skin or caking up throughout the day.  The only downside for these kits is that is does not come any deeper for my deeper skintone diva's!! Cargo make a mini kit for dark complexions!

The mini essential eye palette is fabulous!! I love that they mix to satiny colors  for the lid and browbone. Having those colors to me are essential because they help give the illusion of having bright and fresh looking eyes in the morning time. You got to fake it, right? In addition to the satin eyeshadows I love the the crease color are matte colors. I generally do not like to place too much shimmer or satiny shades in the crease of my eyes because those textures tend to accentuate line and wrinkles. Who wants to do that? Not me, lol.

The eyeliner is okay. .  I mean I am used to using Urban Decay 24/7 glide and so far nothing comes close to this. However, for basic makeup use the Cargo liner is a little firmer and takes a little more effort to apply.

The lash activator is actually a favorite mascara of mine. I like that the formula is not too thick to the point my little lashes fall and to top that off it is great for strengthening the lashes too! In addition to that the brush itself is fantastic because it helps separates the lashes in order to avoid clumping too! Love it and I really need to purchase the full size soon! You might see this one lurking in a haul video, lol.

The beach blush, Omg! Love it. Now you all now that I already own the coral beach blush and now I have echo bleach. Both of the blush has multi dimensional color. For the fact the you have a blush color, bronzer and hightlighter in one is amazing and if you are really savvy with your makeup you can also use this product as eye color too.

The mini reverse liner is great to use as a antifeather product or to give a fuller look to your lips. I honestly would use it a a lip base or a nude pencil to create a nude lip. As far as the lip gloss it is truly none sticky and a perfect companion to take with you on the go for a natural looking enhanced lip.

Overall, I love this kit because I can take it anywhere without feeling like i am hauling all of my makeup needs while traveling on vacation or on the go! The kit is small enough to fit into my purse or a carry one without taking up to much space for my other travel items to go. I totally would recommend this kit as a great Christmas gift for a friend that is breaking into makeup and wants a look that is perfect for everyday makeup. You can find this set online at retails for only $39.00.

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