Shinto Clinical By Kimora Lee Simmons: I am Excited About This One!

Hey beauties! I have to ask you all a question. Are any of your fans of Kimora Lee Simmons? I know I am! I currently have been a fun of Kimora Lee Simmons since she hit big on the fashion runway, to her days with Baby Phat, The release of her book, "Fabulosity" which I recommend all you of beauty chameleons out there to read. Fabulosity is a great book that inspires you the rethink about life and how you can stand out and make it fabulous as a woman of this world. I also followed he fashion launch of Fabulosity in JC Penney Stores and I still Have my first purchase of baby Phat Jeans and Fabulosity jeans too. (working out getting my big butt back into fitting them though, lol) Even to this day, I totally enjoy watching Kimora in her T.V. series Kimora, Life In the Fab Lane. I love how she works her successful business and still make time to be a mom, a wife and and inspiration to millions of women around the world. Do you watch Kimora, Life in the fab line now? I do and I love it!

The past Sunday I DVR'd the show and I finally watched it. I was very intrigued with Kimora's new venture with KLS and the many brands underneath. The venture that intrigues me the most (You know I am a product junkie, but. . .) is her new Shinto Clinical skincare line that she will be launching this spring!That's right skincare!! How genius of her to brand a skincare line toward women of many ethnicity, right?

I enjoyed watching her cast the many faces of Shinto Clinical through using everyday women verses using celebrity faces and famous models. I think that is a fresh idea and it will relate to many everyday women like us right? I also like the fact that at the end of all of the casting she included her beautiful VP (name) to be apart of the photo-shoot that was held at the famous Smashbox studios in L.A. How fabulous was that?

All in all, I can't wait to get my hands on it and try it for myself. And, I am sure that many of you are thinking the same thing too. If you are looking to try Kimora's New Shinto Clinical I would recommend signing up to be notified when the skincare brand is launch because I am pretty sure that her line will sell out fast!! To check out and sign up for Shinto Clinical click "here". To be up to date with Kimora check out her website and her twitter "TheOfficialKimora".

Well, until next weeks episode of Kimore, Life in the Fab Lane you all stay blessed and Fabulous!! Also let me know how you feel about Kimora's skincare launch! I would love to know 🙂

Tasha 🙂

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