The Original Indian Hair Company: Initial Wavy Indian Hair Review

Hey beauties! I know you all have been wondering in my most recent videos what hair I was rocking, right? Well, today I will answer you questions, yayyyy!! Many of you have been messaging me on Youtube or here at beauty chameleon asking me if I have every tried Indian hair and I felt so bad that I could not answer you questions regarding Indian hair. The main reason why is because I have never worn Indian hair before. In the past I have worn Malaysian hair or yaky remi hair extensions. Most of the brands that I have used I have been happy with, but I have always been curious to know how the Indian hair feels and how it maintains over an 8 week period.

So… I have been researching the internet and youtube on Indian hair and have become very impressed with the reviews of The Original Indian Hair Company's Indian hair. Many people were impressed with the texture, the longevity of the hair and the appearance of the hair, so you know after hearing that from many resources I was totally in for experimenting with Indian hear. Shortly after the excitement of wanting to try Indian hair extensions The Original Indian hair company sent me 2 bundles of their beautiful Wavy Indian hair for review consideration which means I can finally let you all know my thoughts on the Indian hair.

Before I talk about any of the hair and my pros & cons let me show what the hair looks like prior to installing:

The hair was shipped beautifully in a box which I was very impressed with. All of the wefts appeard to be sewn in place with impeccable quality and tied down to the box with a hair net protecting the beautiful locks of hair. The hair itself had a low luster to it which is great because my natural hair texture has a low luster without product on it.

The hair I received was the 18-20 inch wavy Indian hair which retails for $199 per bundle and I have two 4oz bundles in order to install a full application of hair. The hair is pretty long and it measured out to be about 22 inches long. So you get a lot of hair ladies! According to the indian hair company their hair is 100% unprocessed virgin remy Indian Hair. They never process or color our hair and They guarantee our hair to be 100% virgin. This makes their hair unmatched in quality. If you are unsure of ordering due to price and what to see what you are in for you can order samples of three textures for only $8.00. I think that is great thing to offer.

In addition to that their  products are not processed or colored, our virgin hair comes only in the natural shades of 1B (Off Black), 2 (Darkest Brown), 3 (Dark Brown) and every color in between. They recommend consulting with a professional stylist when considering coloring the hair. Of course our virgin hair will take and hold permanent, semi-permanent, cellophane, and lift beautifully, just like your own natural hair. I decided that I did not need to color the hair since I do not want to add color to my own natural hair.


As you can see by the picture the hair comes in a wavy pattern already! From what I learned the hair is washed twice and air dried before it is shipped to the consumer which is awesome. I have to say the hair smelled so good when I opened the package. It did not have a chemical processed smell to it at all. And, you know I had to do my own wash to it before I installed it and the great thing I notice is that the hair did not bleed any color out at all.  I washed my hair and the hair extension with Oscar Blandi's Jasmine shampoo and conditioner. These products mentioned are my favorites because they work for me, so please feel free to use what works best for you.

After successfully washing and blow drying my hair and they extensions I was ready to install the hair. I decided to braid all of my hair except for the area where there is a part and the areas area my hairline just so I can have a natural appearance without any tracks being exposed.

As you can see the hair take beautiful curls, the luster is low and the texture of the hair is soft to the touch! I like the fact that I can also wear this hair curly or straight. So for you ladies that love to rock the straight styles you will love this texture too. I can't wait to test letting the hair air dry and see what natural waves I get with this hair and that I will follow up with you in my 4 week video and how that turns out and much more.

Since this is my initial review I will have to follow up with you all and let you now how the hair maintains in the next four weeks. Until then leave your comments below as far as any questions you would like for me to answer in the 4 week review update concerning this hair. Once I get all of you questions I will address them in that video. Until then enjoy my initial review video below and visit The Original Indian Hair Company for more information about this hair and much more!


The Original Indian Hair Company: Wavy Indian Hair Initial Review



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