T3 Bespoke Medium Duality Flat Iron Review

139730Hey beauties! I have been wanting to do a review on the T3 Bespoke Tourmaline Medium Duality Flat Iron 1-3/8 for a long time. I purchased this flat iron back in June or July of 2009 and I wanted to use it for a long period of time in order to see how long it last and retain its use and quality. So, with that said I am ready to share with you all my thoughts on this wonderful flat iron from T3 Bespoke.

Many of you may say, “why in the world would you spend $160 on a flat iron? or could you just buy a drug store brand or CHI? And the answer to this question is yes and I have! However, In the past I have become frustrated with purchasing a drugstore brand flat iron that may cost between $25-60. The frustrations are: One they don’t heat up fast, do not heat up high enough for course hair, they damage my hair, or they burn out less than a year. Needless to say I have spend over the past few years over $250 and more on styling products like this that fail me. The other frustration is that I also purchased a CHI iron. The CHI and Solica irons are nice, but many of them have only a 1-2 year warranty. And, I will tell I usually I don’t have problems with the iron until after the warranty expires which sucks.

So after many frustrations I decided to purchase the T3 Bespoke Tourmaline Medium Duality Flat Iron 1-3/8. The reasons why I decided to purchase this one is: I needed a flat iron that would not fry out my hair and damage my hair or my extensions that I may wear from time to time, I needed a iron that would heat up fast in the morning (with a child, I need something that would work fast), and I wanted a product that has a longer warranty life just in case I have issues with the iron after a year or two. So, hence. . . I purchased this iron! Yey!

Info about the T3 Bespoke Tourmaline Medium Duality Flat Iron 1-3/8:

Ionic – Straighten or Curl – 410 Max – Professional

T3 Tourmaline 1-3/8 inch Flat Iron (Model 83430) has 1-3/8″ wide plates which provide you with the most styling and straightening control. Made with 100% crushed Tourmaline technology to ensure the best and healthiest results quickly.


* 1-3/8 inch flat Tourmaline ceramic Plates combines Tourmaline with the finest ceramic heater available today.
* Emits the most negative ions and far infrared heat of any ceramic flat iron
* Swift heating with 410°F maximum temperature
* Quicker, better results with less risk of hair damage
* Complete 48-month warranty

What makes this straightener special?
This ceramic flat iron is made from 100% crushed Tourmaline mineral from Japan. A precious stone, Tourmaline is the world’s finest ionic and infrared generator. Ionic and infrared combine to give you the best possible results from a ceramic iron.

© T3 Micro, Inc.

I have been using this iron for the past 6 months now and I am just as impressed with it as much as I was when I first used it. I love the the various heat settings on this iron, it heats up fast, I can get curls or straighten my hair, and my hair has this nice healthy shine after using it vs. a heated dried appearance which is AWESOME!! The only down side is that if you want nice ringlets curls you will need to try another version of this iron because this iron has a flat square shape and the irons with a more rounded shape can give nicer curls for sure! So, all in I rate this iron 4 stars!! Which is great!! All in all if you are looking for a nice quality flat iron that will hold up to word I would definitely recommend this iron. I would not recommend anything to people if I was not happy with it myself.


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