KRS Hair Group’s Virgin Asian Wavy Hair Final Review

After 3 months of wear I am final ready to share with you all my final review of the KRS Hair Group’s Virgin Asian Wavy hair. If you are not familiar with KRS Hair group click on the link to get more info on the company… At the end of April I was sent 3 lengths of hair 12/16/18 inches for review. The price of the hair sent ranges from $99-$128 per bundle. No bad for some really great hair!! You may be wondering what hair pattern did I use?? Well… I am not a professional hair stylist and I will share what I did. I while back I learned how to braid and sew in order to save some cash (more.. like use my cash for more makeup and clothes, lol)

Braid Pattern:

braid pattern1


Products I Use For Straight Styles:

straight regimine1

Products I Use For Wavy Styles:

wave regimine1

  • Carol’s Daughter Monoi Shampoo
  • Carol’s Daughter Monoi Conditioner
  • Macadamia Reviving Curl Cream (Local Target or HEB)

Products Used for My Sassy Red Look:

hair color2a

  • L’Oreal Ombre Color
  • Garnier Nutrisse
  • Click here to see my blog post on how I achieved this color.

What I liked about this hair is its ability to go from wearing it straight one day and adding water and curling cream to go wavy the next day. Like I mentioned in my video review this hair is perfect for women that are busy and next hair that is flexible with their lifestyle. It is easy to wash and care for!!

The following are my pros about the hair:

  • No Shedding
  • No Tangling or Matting at all, love it.
  • Easy to care for and maintain over time.
  • This hair goes for straight to wavy with in minutes of adding water and your favorite curl cream.
  • Easy to flat iron.
  • Affordable

My cons for the hair is minimal:

  • Update packaging for the hair
  • Lifting the color of the hair for lighter color process.

Overall, I really LOVE this hair and would purchase it in the future, and I would definitely recommend for you to try this hair for yourself to see how great this hair really is. Now, next…. I would love to try her body straight just to see the differences between the two! If you would like for me to review the other texture please let me know and I will see what I can do for this fall since I am thinking I would like to have long flowing hair again.



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