Halley’s Curls: Gentle Wave Relaxed Hair Extensions Review (Q&A’s)

Halley's Curls Gentle Wave Relaxed Hair:

Hey my beauty chameleons!! I bet you all are like, about time your give us an update on the hair you are sporting in your new videos, right? Well, finally I can share with you on my thoughts of the Halley's Curls Gentle Wave Salon Relaxed Malaysian Remy Hair. Now, you all now that I love the salon Relaxed, but after wearing it for a while I noticed that it did not hold curls that well unless I put lots of hair spray in my hair and the downside to doing that is you have to wash and condition more often than once a week. Hence, a lot of work, lol. Or If I did not wash my hair as often you end up with a lot of product build it which can cause stress on the Halley's Curls.

As a result, I looked in my closet and looked at my two 16 inch packs of the Gentle Wave Relaxed Hair and said to myself, "girl go ahead a install it yourself!" I had this hair for awhile, but I was scared to install it in fear of ruining the hair. So long story short, I began to prep my Halley's Curls and washed, condition, and let the have dry before installing it with my new hair care system which I will talk about in another post. If you need to know how to prep your new Halley's curls check out my step by step tutorial by clicking "here".

Now before I go into details you probably want to know what the hair looks like before washing it? Well, I did keep a stand of hair so that you can see the wave pattern of the hair before washing it.  (Watch Video below to see what the strand of hair looks like.) The hair is very wavy and beautiful. Now when you wash and blow dry it the wave will loosen to appear full with lots of body. The texture of the hair is like your our hair (African American Hair) after being relaxed. I like that compare to the Saga gold, sensational goddess hair Indian hair. Why? Think about it when your feel the textures of those extensions mentioned after washing those hairs and installing it into your hair that has been relaxed don't your experience a difference of texture and the hair not blending it? I know I do and more people can tell that I am wearing extensions, but when I am wearing Halley's curls people think it is my hair even friends that known me for a while they think that my hair has grown really fast, lol. So that is why I continue to love Halley's curls. The hair is so realistic.

Anyway, the installation went fabulous! I wished I would have taken a picture of my braid pattern, but I am a perfectionist and trying to perfect it myself before I reveal and share with you all. But from the video below you can see how much I am enjoying this weeks. With curls, I don't have to use a lot of hair spray if any to hold my curls in while I am at work all day which is AWESOME!! I also like the fact that if I want to wear my hair straight it is simple to flat iron it with my T3 medium duality flat iron too! I am not kidding.

I have been wearing this hair for 7 weeks now and with regular washing and deep condition this has minimum shedding and tangles too especially with my Oscar Blandi hair products I hauled for Sephora. Now you my ask me:

How do you keep the hair from tangling?
Washing & deep conditioning the hair 1-2 time a week will keep your Halleys curls lasting through several install. Believe me I will be re-installing this style in 3 more weeks for sure!

If you use heat styling everyday on your Halleys curls try not to heat style as often use your curling rods or rollers. Just think if you heat style your natural everyday wouldn't it get damaged, dry and brittle and eventually break off? Well that is the same thing that will happen to your Halleys curls or any hair extension you wear. If I have to heat style often I make sure that I use a heat protectant spray or a restyling spray to protect my hair and the Halleys curls from damage. I also will use a serum on the hair to closed the cuticles too. SO keep that in mind. Also trying your halleys curls in a protective style like a chigon or braid at night time will cause less friction on the hair too.

Will the hair shed?
Just like your real hair Halleys curls and any other have extension will shed to some extent. My experience with Halleys curls was minimal. I think just keep you hair and Halleys curls hydrated and you will not experience a lot of shedding and breakage.

What products I used & Links on where to purchase:
Oscar Blandi Balsamo di Jasmine Smoothing shampoo & conditioner
Oscar Blandi Proteine di Jasmine Protein Mist for Restyling Hair 8.45 oz
Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Serum 1.69 oz
Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo 2.5 oz (for those high intense workout days)
Oscar Blandi Trattamento al Fango 5.3 oz Marine Mud deep conditioner (weekly treatment)
Bed Head leave in conditioner
Nexxus Heat Protexx protectant spray.

Halley's Curls Gentle Wave Relaxed Review Video

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