Hair: Tried Of Dry, Breakage Prone Hair

Are any of you out there tired of getting your hair to grow to a certain length and then it begins to break off like crazy? I have been experiencing this for many years and now I feel that it is time to research and figure what I am doing wrong. I really want to figure out a remedy to this issue, so that I can start taking care of my hair and promote healthier and strong hair growth. Is it possible? I am sure it is.

Lately, I have browsing the web for information on caring for black hair. (women of color) But the only thing I seem to come across are blogs and websites that give little information on how to care for black hair or that site is solely trying to sell your their line of products to promote growth. My thought is, I can find products like crazy, but if I am unclear as to how to use them or create a hair regime like we have a skin care regime how will they products benefit me? Do you know what I mean?

I found products that I like so much now such as:

  • Carol’s Daughter Tui smoothie, Tui leave in hair conditioner, and Mimosa Hair Honey
  • The shampoo I currently use is Pantene Pro V for natural and relaxed hair and I also have the conditioner too, but I am thinking of switching those over to Carol’s Daughter shampoo too.

Any of you out there know anything about how to care for black hair? Have any tips to share? I would really love to know. I currently have relaxed hair and I am trying to only relax it every 6- 8 weeks now since relaxing it too often my be part of my problem. Also, is there anyone of you out there that currently use Carol’s Daughter? What are your thoughts on that? Please share!!

51erngsmo2l_ss400_I was on the web today and I came across this book called Healthy Black Hair: Step-by-Step Instructions for Growing Longer, Stronger Hair by Nicole Elizabeth Smth, $14.95.

This book says:

Healthy Black Hair-step-by-step instructions for growing longer, stronger hair is not just another hair care book. Although chock full of styling and hair care tips, it includes a complete hair care regimen with a total body approach to growing healthy hair. Women will appreciate her honest portrayal of her own hair struggles and will learn how to use safely use herbs, vitamins and even yoga to strengthen and nourish their hair. It even includes information on thyroid disease, which can severely affect hair growth. Good hair care is not limited to traditional methods anymore!

What intrigued me to purchase this books was for the fact that it received a well overall amount of good reviews vs. bad ones and this book was not trying to sell me products either. So, when it comes in the mail I will read it like crazy and share my findings with you as well.

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