Hair: Milky Way Saga Gold remy Yaky Hair Update

Remy-YakiLadies!! If you all watch me on youtube before Christmas I recently had my extensions sew in and I created a video to let everyone know what the results were and how much I love my hair. Many viewers loved the way my hair turned out and wanted me to create a update date video on how long my Milky Way Saga Gold Remy Yaky Hair last.  So, I did. I have to say I LOVE this hair. It has been 3 weeks and the hair look awesome!!

Last night I washed it and my natural hair and it still look as great or even better then when I first put this hair in. I originally purchase this hair from The reason why I purchase this hair from them is because of the price point. It was less expensive to purchase this hair online then getting it from my local beauty supply store, and the quality of the hair is fabulous. There is no matting, tangling and shedding with this hair which is what I love. You can also straighten and curl this because it is 100% human hair.

This is what my packages look like:

remi hair 2

The color I order was 1B30 and I love the color. Many friends and clients of mine say this hair look great with my complexion, so I am very pleased with this color and I am so happy!! For the style on my hair I order two bags and I ended with a little extra left over. Anyway, if you are curious to know my thoughts and see my update thoughts check out the video below:

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