Hair Extensions Review: Lord & Cliff Art Remi Hair

This post is for all of my beauty chameleons out there that love to change their hairstyles through wearing hair extensions. I am one that is quick to change up my hairstyle, whether it is short and sassy or long and flowing I love to wear my extensions. For me, the best way I love to wear extensions is to have them sewn-in. I like sewn in hair over quick weaves any day because it is easier to wash and style without having to worry about the glue coming off. I also like it because if I am on vacation and want to go swimming or   get my hair wet again I don’t have to mess with any glue of any sort. The only downside of wearing any hair extension is finding the best quality hair that will last longer than 6 weeks. I mean good hair that you can reuse without worry about spending hundreds of dollars on fresh new hair for a new install especially if you know that you are going to be wearing the same style again.

I have been wearing sew in for 2 years and I know I have spend lots of money on hair because the hair becomes tangled, sheds too much, or matte too quickly even with washing and taking good care of the hair. Recently, the brands that I have been happy with in the past have been the sensational goddess hair and the saga gold remi hair. Both brands are great when you are wearing 10 inches length hair or less, however when I have worn lengths of 12 inches or more then hair wears fine until the 6th and 7th week and the hair begins to matte and tangle like crazy.

As a result, of this frustration I decided to tryout a new brand of hair. If you watch my youtube channel NHOP76 you may have noticed my hair is longer and I have been wearing a new brand of hair. The brand of hair I purchased back in April 2010 was the Lord and Cliff Art Remi Hair. this hair was recommended by the owner of my local beauty supply store. She  stated that this hair is much better than the Saga gold remi hair and that it was last longer. The only thing is that this brand of hair in the 1B30 14 inches cost a bit more ($99 per bag) compared to the $79 per bag I usually spend on the other brand. But I was okay with it because I trusted the lady since she has been so good to me in the past. The store I purchased it from is called:

Fashion Accent located in the Austin, TX area on 9717 North Lamar BLVD, Austin, TX 78753. The phone number is (512)339-1878.  I love this store and I have never had a bad experience there, so if you live in this area totally go check it out!! If you don’t live in the Austin area or can not find this hair at your local beauty supply store you can also find it online at:

Product Info:

They say that the Lord and Cliff Art hair is so beautifully soft and silky! It’s 100% Remy Human Hair for Weaves and Extensions. If you want to find yaky hair weave, then this is the hair that you have been searching for. This is the best texture match to Permed African American Hair! This Ultra Premium Quality Yaky Hair has all the cuticles facing one direction making it tangle free and easy to maintain.

Anyway, I was so excited to try this hair out, so my stylist installed that same weekend I purchased it and I was so happy!! The hair was easy to install and the result was beautiful. The texture of the hair is like relaxed hair and let me tell you it feels smooth. Even after washing the hair the texture gets better! I have been wearing this hair for the past 7 weeks now and I am still amazed as to how well it is lasting.

Pros: The hair is easy to style straight and curly, and the hair is soft and wears well in this hot Texas heat. The texture of the hair is awesome.

Cons: The price $99, but I guess that is the price you will pay for good hair, Minimal shedding and tangling.

Now many of my youtube subscribers have been asking how much hair do I use on my full sew-in and how I take care of my hair everyday because I exercise a lot. So, I will share with you all my routine and regime too. (Keep in mind I am not a professional hair stylist, but I just do what my stylist recommend me to do and this is what works for me. So, always consult with a professional before making any changes to your hair care regime because everyone’s hair type is not all the same)

  1. For a full install how many packages to I use? I purchase 2 packs because I like my hair to be full and thick.
  2. Do I sew in my wear myself? No, I see a professional for that although I would love to learn because it does cost to have the hair installed and tighten. For the install $100 & Up and to tighten $25 and up.
  3. What products do I use to care for my hair and the extension? I use the Creme of Nature Sunflower & Coconut Detangling Conditioning Shampoo: 15.2 OZ , Ojon Restorative Leave-in Treatment 4.2 fl oz (125 ml), CHI Infra Treatment 12oz
    , and Nexxus Heat Protexx Style Spray 8.5 oz. (Case of 6). For moisture I will spray water on my hair and then seal my hair with either Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey or Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion
    . Finally to hold my style at times I will use TRESemme Curl activator for my curly styles or I will just you Garnier Fructis Full Control Anti-Humidity hairspray. Lastly I will use my Ampro Pro-Style Protein Gel Super Hold Jar 10.5 oz
    for smooth down the edges of my hair.

All in all I am loving this hair so far and I will be using this hair again in my next install. I am thinking of just going with the dark brown or should I stick with the 1B30? Let me know what you think. Now, to end if you have a wonderful human hair that you love to use for your installs please share!! I know everyone is always looking for a brand of human hair that they can really on and reuse again without worry about buying new hair for each install.

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