Did Beyonce Just Cut Her Hair??

Hey beauties!! Did you all hear all the buzz about Beyonce’s latest hair decision?? Well…if you haven’t she decided to change things up a bit with her hair! I know everyone is so used to seeing her long and flowing honey blonde hair, right? Well, it was announced to the world on instagram that she decided to cut her hair into this cute pixie cute style, Click here to see her new hairdo!

So… what do you all think? I personally think the style is cute, playful and fun! Do you all think this will start a trend of women putting the weaves down for awhile and begin to sport shorter hairstyles again? Would Beyonce bold move inspire you to cut your hair? Tell me what you think?? For me I still love my weaves and extensions..so maybe you will see me sport a short cute wig in a video!! Hahahaha 🙂

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