What Are Your Fitness Goals For 2011?

With the new year comes new goals and one of my goals in 2011 is to get back in shape. Remember last year we started get fit Tuesdays here at beauty chameleon and youtube with P90X and such. Well last year started of great for me personally then toward the holidays is where I personally fell off. Last year I lost 15 pounds and gained them all back toward the end of the 2010. Life totally got in the way, but I can not let life get in the way of my goals. For once, I have to think about myself when it comes to my fitness goals and put everything secondary or my goals will not get met. Of course that does not mean neglect my family (hubby and child), work and such, but I have to make a start so that I can achieve my goal in 2011.

In the new year I will be starting of fresh and getting ready to get fit using my fitness vehicles available to me to reach my goal when weight loss is concerned. Currently my weight was at 196 ( I am 5'8" tall) on January 1, 2011. I am not joking. .. can you tell in my make up tutorials on youtube my face was getting a little chubby, lol. I could and I immediately knew that I need to do something about it before I see myself back at my heaviest weight of 235lbs. No way!! So, as a results I made some changes in my lifestyle to jump off the new year.

My Goals for weight loss:

  1. Change my eating habits by eating smaller portions and healthier balanced meals 5 times a days. example: oatmeal with fruit and protein for breakfast. A lean cuisine panini sandwich for lunch with a veggie salad, afternoon snack of yogurt and a fruit or protein, dinner protein/ veggies/ low carb side and fruit or salad, and dessert could be a skinny cow ice cream or nuts/ low sodium chips/or fruit
  2. drinking more water. This is a constant struggle but always for to keep trying to drink more every day. at least 8 glasses a day at a minimum.
  3. Get moving. My goal is to practice my martial art 2 times a week and then workout to P90X 2 more days a week either working out to CardoX, KenpoX or PlometricsX which are my favorites. And, then here and then adding on weight training.

As a result of during this in the first 10 days of the year I have already lost 4 pounds so I am excited about that. I also decided for the extra motivation to join my employer's biggest loser contest at work. The winner of this contest wins a cash prize for the bigges percentage lost., which I always like to win. (my competitive side is kicking in, lol)

So, now that you know my goal I am going to ask you:



What are your fitness goals for 2011? Lose weight, get lean and firm, live healthier? Let's hear from you by commenting below your goals so that we can support each other in this new year.


Best Wishes!!


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