Sensa Weight Loss System: Month 2 Update (Lazy month)

Hey beauties! Today I am sharing with you my month 2 progress with the Sensa Weight Loss System. I have to say month 2 was a slow month for me. I guess like you will hear in my video below I got a promotion with my job and for the past few months of this new year I had to get adjusted to working Monday through Friday 8-5 or 9-6pm during they day. You may say what’s so bad with that schedule? Well, working in the retail management I was used to having days off during the middle of the week and leaving early on certain days. With that said I was able to plan my meals and grocery trips during the middle of the week and also plan my high cardio days  too. Now, with having to cram in my workouts, groceries and meal planning all to the weekend really threw me off. Why? Well I have to take care of everything on the weekend now including family, household, etc. Hence a diva pulling her hair out, lol. As a result, my month 2 was slow.

In month 2 I was able to maintain my 5 pound loss during the first month in addition to losing an additional 2 pounds in month 2 as well. Granted I gained and loss that 2 pounds over the course of that month bringing to a total weight loss of 7 pounds thus far. In addition to that my body decided it wanted to get sick toward the end of February which means my routine I was starting to get used too was thrown off track for the rest of the month. Sorry for the mild rant, but I was really upset for a little while because toward the end of last month I felt like
I had a plan in order and then life throws me off track! But I guess the good thing is I am back on track! I honestly just started month 3 last week and I am slowly getting my healthy and fitness routine back on track. So, my goal is to stay focused and hopefully report some good results in either measurements or scale loss in April.

I can say that I am having fun posting some of my meals on my facebook page for it keeps me on track and I also hope it helps and motivates other to eat healthy too. I can’t wait to start posting progress photos as soon as I see a visible change. In the meantime, I plan to get this body moving and I think I have made the decision to purchase turbofire in the next few days. So, I feel like another challenge in coming on for the spring months!! Turbofire here I come! Turbofire +Sensa = awesome fat loss!!

Until next month month you all stay well and healthy!! Also stay tuned this week! I have a feeling that one lucky reader/subscriber will be winning their very own Sensa weight loss system, Yay!!


Sensa Month 2 Update Video


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