New Sensa Journey Take 2: Month 1 Results

Happy New Year!! I hope that you all had a great holiday season and are ready to take on the year of 2012 with a bang! As many of you know I decided to get back on Sensa Weight Loss System after thanksgiving with a start weight of 190lbs (I am 5’8″ tall). It was fun getting started with the sensa and also trying the vitamins, quenches and the chews. With working retail management sometimes my meals we stretched out a lot, so the Sensa chews and the quenches were a God send. They helped curb my appetite so I wouldn’t over eat when it was time time. My only challenge for me in getting enough water in for the day which is something that I will continue to work on in the New Year of 2012. I need to keep the work permanently attached to my hip, lol.

Many of you may ask did I exercise and my answer will be minimally. I take martial arts 2-3 times a week which helped me maintain my weight and lose a little while using the sensa. However, I do feel that if I worked out more like I used to I would have lost more weight. You may wonder, what type of exercise do I do? While, I really enjoy cardio workouts like step aerobics, kick boxing, and jogging therefore I need to get my mind ready to do that along with weight lifting too. By doing  all of that it will help me build lean muscle which in the long run helps the body burn more fat which equal loss of inches and loss of weight. So all in all that will be a goal for me in this new year. My struggle is running to the coach when I get home from work, or to the computer to Facebook or YouTube, so I will have to minimize that in the new year or plan out my day where my exercise is complete in the morning and maintain control over eating at night time when I am not hungry. Do any of you struggle with that? I work retail management and my hours are so irregular that it is a challenge

I have to say the first 3 weeks were easy for me until Christmas came along. With all of the holiday eating came a stop in my weight loss too! I did not keep my control with the portions or kept hydrated with water so my weight loss stopped during week 4. (0lbs lost) I am retaining like crazy!! Did any of you experience that during the holidays? Sometimes the holidays are tough, but I will not beat myself up. I know what I need to do in order to gain control which means back to the healthy eating, exercising and drinking mega amounts of water.

You all may be wondering what type of foods did I eat? Did I prepare all of my meals from scratch? No way! I am too busy for that. With working full-time, busy mom, wife and taekwondo student and mom some day it is impossible to prepare everything. So some days I will prepare foods for my family and take left overs to work and on other days I will make fast easy meals or lean cuisine it too! It just works for me and avoids less stress too. So, I guess if you are in the same boat as I am you will have to experiment on what foods you like and make that a staple item in order for you to have success. I also came across some great healthy recipes from some cookbooks I picked up too! My meal sample meal:

Breakfast ideas:

  • Vanilla Yogurt parfait (my fav)
  • Instant  oatmeal with bananas with orange juice
  • Breakfast Tacos with egg whites with fruit
  • Lean Cuisines (fast for convenience)
  • Salad
  • Tuna Salad with veggies
  • Turkey Sandwich with Veggies
  • Catfish with veggies
  • Orange chicken with rice
  • Lean Cuisines (when working)

My results for month 1 are a total of 5lbs losts which brings me to a weight of 185. My measurements are as follows:

Bust: 38″ (same, no change)

Waist: 34.25″ (lost -.75″)

Hips: 44″

I am excited about the weight loss and I can not weight to see what month 2 brings me too! My goal is to lose 10 pounds this 2 month with the new goals I have into place. Also at the end of month 2 my goal is to have progress pictures ready to share with you all too. Until post you all be well and healthy and again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Tasha 🙂

My Sensa Update: Month 1 Results

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