Fitness With P90X: Week 9 Update & On To Week 10.. Sick too :(

Hey all, getting sick is getting very old. At the end of week 9 my allergies hit me hard! Sinus congestion and sneezing then. . . voice is missing somewhere in the universe. I swear it is not fair. I wanted to hit it hard toward the middle of week 9, but I guess not, grrrrr! I guess you have to rest when the body says to huh? I guess I can’t complain because I went a head this past Saturday and weighed in. To my surprise I drop 1.5 pounds leaving me at 188.5!! Not bad!! I am not going to get too excited because I was sick and sometime my weight drops more during that time. So my prayer going into week 10 is that I maintain that loss.


  • Jan 8th: Start weight: 198lbs
  • Jan 15th: 198lbs (no gain/lose)
  • Jan 22nd: 196 (-2lbs) Yeah!! A loss and I will take it!
  • Jan 29th: 196 (no gain/lose) But I lost inches!
  • February 5: 195 (-1lbs) totaling 3 pound for the fist 4 weeks
  • February 13th: 194 (-1lbs) totaling 4 pounds in 5 weeks
  • February 20th: 192 (-2lbs) totaling 6 pounds in 6 weeks
  • February 27th: 190.5 (-1.5lbs) totaling 7.5 pounds in 7 weeks!! Getting excited for the next coming weeks!!
  • March 6th: 190 (-.5lbs) totally 8 pounds in 8 weeks!! I will take it considering I was sick.
  • March 13th: 188.5 (-1.5lbs) totaling 9.5 in 9 weeks!! Considering I was sick again with these darn allergies! Will they ever leave me alone?

Sorry, no video for week 9. I was at work this past weekend and I was talking all day long and then my voice decided to disappear. Now I am being called squeaky at home, lol. I also was not able to get pictures of my 60 results, but don’t worry they will be coming later this week and I will post them in my week 10 results video this weekend for sure.

I have to say, that many people have been asking  the following questions:

  1. Can I lose weight fast with the P90X?
  2. Do you have to follow the meal plan too P90X?
  3. How do you plan your workouts?
  4. Does this program really work?

My Answers:

  1. No you will not lose weight fast with this program. P90X is not a quick weight loss program. This program is designed to help you burn fat and build strong lean muscle. If you are not used to interval/circuit training and weight training this program is not for you. With every program you should consult with you doctor before trying. be safe and workout smart.
  2. I would totally recommend following the suggested meals plans. I wish I would have at the beginning because if I did I may have had more weight loss. P90X requires you to workout 6 days a week for 1 hour at a time and you body requires a certain amount of calories, carbs and protein to make it through each workout in order to function and loss the fat. If you don’t you can deplete your body of the proper nutrition and hender you weight loss in the long run.
  3. With anything you must plan out your day. I work a full time job, I am a mother and a wife. So it is all about time management. I work a retail job so my schedule changes all the time. So I make sure that if I work a late shift I plan to work out in the morning after I get my son off to school instead of going back to bed to get the extra sleep. or if I work a early shift I workout in the evening after I get my son to bed. So I may be working out at 8 or 9pm in at night. When there is a will there is a way. Then once my workouts are done then I go about watching T.V, cleaning the house, running errands, work or making of course Youtube videos. Remember manage your time. If you really want to change your body you will make time for it.
  4. Yes this program does work if you follow it! I am losing fat and leaning up and I will continue to week by week. just be patient with your progress.

I hope that helps. Well, I am still stuffing for the allergies to this day however I am still working out to my best. Yesterday I did my chest shoulders and triceps workout and I am sore. I really need to order that recovery drink and I think I will. I heard that it really helps your muscles recover from each workout and I need it. A few minutes ago I just finished the cardioX workout. I did the whole workout at my pace and I am glad that I did. I feel accomplished and now I can really rest.

Well, I am off for now! I hope that you all have a blessed week and I will chat soon.


Tasha 🙂

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