Fitness With P90X: Week 2 & Lots of Sweat!

I can’t believe that I am already on week 2 of the P90X program!! the first week was a challenge getting to know the routine and making it through the workouts! My goal this week is to make it through all of the workouts for the beginning to the end safely.

Yesterday, Saturday was Day one of week 2 and it was the day for Core Synergistics. . . . Well, I was I knew this workout meant core training, but I did not realize it mean extreme core training. OMG!! I was challenged! The one move this is engrained in my head is the bannana/boat move. Holy Smokes!! That was difficult, but I keep working through it to my best, and I mean my best! I have not workout my core like this ever, so I have to say this workout is extreme! There were so many moves to the point I felt my muscles burn! I have to laugh at it now, but later that evening I went out dancing with some friends of my to a local club and I was dancing. . . Then all of a sudden I start to feel sore in my core toward 1am in the morning. I was like why am I feeling so sore? From dancing? Nahhhhh. Then I thought. . . the core synergistic work. Even to this evening I am still sore. So, if you are questioning, will you get a great workout? Yes, YES!!

Today, I was still sore from yesterday’s workout and I had to go into work too! I had a long shift, so I definitely made sure that I packed a healthy lunch, so that I would stay energetic throughout the day and retain enough energy to workout later this evening when I got home from work. My meal plan was simple. (Sorry, I was unable to take pictures. . . I forgot) but. . . I had:

  • breakfast: 2 slices of french toast with sugar free syrup, 1 serving of strawberries, 2 turkey sausages and water
  • Lunch: Protein shake, mandarin orange and water
  • Snack: Mandarin orange and sting cheese
  • Dinner: Lean Cuisine and grapes water
  • Snack: Shrimp and cocktail sauce and water

Later night I decided that before it got too late I better get my exercise on, so on day 9 I popped in Cardio X and to my amazement I made throughout the entire workout! I even worked out a bit harder than last week and was able to pick up the intensisty a bit more too! I am kind of proud of myself from that. I still do not like the bannana/ boat exercise!! I swear I am going to have nightmares about it, lol. How about you all? Have you perfected that one yet? How long did it take to perfect it? Anyway. . . that is how my day went.  how did yours go? I am curious to know so please share.

Well, I am going to hit the showers and get ready for some rest. Stay tuned, a vlog will be posted tomorrow regarding my first week and how it went. Until then, good nite 🙂

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