Fitness With P90X: Life Hits Ya and Ya Get Sick. . .

Hey all I am getting to the end of week 8 results and it will be time for my weekly weigh in and results that will be done on Saturday or Sunday. This week life surely got in my way which affected my workouts and eating this week. Over the weekend my hubby and son was sick with either allergies or sinus infections and I was praying please don’t let me get sick, please! Well. . . Sunday came and I started to get sniffles and I was like Damn! I better not get sick. I was able to do the following workouts which was:

  • Saturday: Cardio Intervals (which can be found on the bonus DVD) I placed that workout instead of doing YogaX.
  • Sunday: I did Core Synergistics (However I only made it through 40 minutes. . . I was starting to feel it then
  • Monday: I did KenpoX the entire workout

Tuesday came and I felt it. I was sick with a small fever and sinus congestion. I was so mad because I hate to get sick.  It just throws my whole week and workout goals out of whack! I hate to lose my momentum with me leaning down. I really want to see awesome results this week, but I have to listen to my body and rest. All in all, I missed my Wednesday and Thursday workout! I guess I will not beat myself up life happeneds, right? So with that said I will continue with the remainder of the workouts and not do my results until Sunday morning and move on to week 9.

I decided to skip out on the Stretch X DVD and instead complete the cardioX. I felt like sweating and burning some calories and I did!! Today I was so excited because I was able to do 5 Dreya Rolls in a row!! Yahooooooooooooooooooooo!! I could never do that! Tomorrow I is supposed to be yogaX day, but. . . I really don’t like this workout. It’s too long and slow paced for me. Does anyone else feel that way? I almost want to replace that workout as a whole, but I guess I shouldn’t. I get the fact that it’s makes you stronger and more flexible, but dang! 1 hour and 30 minutes!! I will have to do that workout right when I get home from work tomorrow otherwise it will not get done at all. So, that is what I plan to do.

Well, anyway, it is time for me to hit the showers and get ready for work. Stay tuned my get fit beauties I will have my results and video up this Sunday!!

Keep bringing it,

Tasha 🙂

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