Fitness With P90X: Day 7 Rest Day? NAh, More Cardio

Yesterday was day 7 of my p90x program which was supposed to be a rest or stretch day, but I decided to workout again. I felt like I needed a little bit more cardio so I decided to break out my Cathe Friedrich cardio fusion step aerobics DVD. I just wanted to sweat and feel like I was melting some weight, lol.  Later that day I did indeed rest. My meal plan was like yesterdays, because I was lazy again. But I am still pushing and hoping for some good result today.

So, Weigh in results, well when I got on the scale I was excited, but when I saw the numbers showing the same as my start weight I was kind of dissappointed.

Jan 8th: Start weight: 198lbs

Jan 15th: 198lbs (no gain/lose)

I thought I would have lost something, but I was thinking to myself this week is the week before I start my menstral cycle and normally during this week I would gain between 3-5lbs of water weight before my menstral cycle begins. However, this week I did not gain a thing! So, I got a little be more excited because I my have lost some weight, but I will note be able to prove that until next week’s weigh in after my menstrual cycle in over. So, stayed tuned. . .

My Meal Plan for today:

Breakfast: Home made breakfast burrito with 1 egg, turkey sausage and salsa, apple sauce ( I was out of fresh fruit) and water

Lunch, healthy Choice soup (chicken and rice) Salad and water

Snack: 1 serving of strawberries and 1 string cheese and water

Dinner: Lean cuisine, salad, and mandarin orange and water

Snack: Meat and Cheese

Well, tomorrow is the beginning to week 2 and the workout I will be doing in core synergistics! So, this will be interesting because I have not tired that one yet. Have anyone of you tired it? How is it? I bet it will be a challenge that i am willing to take. One to week 2!!!

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