Fitness With P90X: Day 6 Kenpo Day!!

I can’t believe that I am on day six of the P90X program and so far there has been challenges with getting used to the workout intensity, but overall it has been a awesome workout! Today is Kenpo workout which is a mixture to of martial arts and kickboxing which I love a lot. The workout itself is 58 minutes long so definitely be prepared to block of time for the workout. This workout was fun and I was literally sweating from head to toe!! No Joke!! I love the mixture of self defense moves and blocking mixed together, so if you like kickboxing you will enjoy this one.

As far as my meal plan today I was lazy so you will see me using two meal replacement drinks mixed with snacks to. But, anyway here is the meal plan:

Breakfast: I did not have the P90X protein shake, so I used this one my slim fast which is protein enriched with an apple and water

Lunch: Was the same thing, I was feeling lazy with preparing meals, so these come in handy for those days. I also had water too.

Snack: yogurt and blackberries and water

Dinner: Green Beans, Light pasta with chicken and salad. All with water

Snack: Apple with string cheese

This day went great tomorrow is day 7 which is a rest day, but since my official weigh in day is Friday I will be adding a cardio session in. I will be doing something a little different from P90X which is Cathe Friedrich Cardio Fusion. I love step aerobics and it is a great cardio workout for me. So, Cathe bring it on, lol. Chat later all, Tasha 🙂

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