Fitness With P90X (Day 35 Rest Day, Week 5 Results & New Foods!)

Hey all yesterday was my rest day and the end of week 5 of the P90X program for me. This week was fun seeing myself improve and challenge myself with the cooking. I tell you of all the cooking was well worth it because I was not retaining as much water this week. You may ask retaining water? Well, this week is my pre-menstruation time when I start to retain a lot of water and hence water gain with the scale and this week that did not happened!! Yey!! I guess the science behind it all is when you eat healthy and clean, drink water and exercise your body will not retain, so that is a great thing for me because I decided to weight myself to see if I lost any pounds this week. Well. . .  This week I lost another pound!!!! I am so excited about that. So, in 5 weeks I lost 4 pounds and I will take it along with the muscle gain too! I am noticing that my arms and legs are starting to get more lean and my abs are also reduce in size, so program is working for me for sure! I will give you me details on my video in a bit.

Stats Thus Far:

  • Jan 8th: Start weight: 198lbs
  • Jan 15th: 198lbs (no gain/lose)
  • Jan 22nd: 196 (-2lbs) Yeah!! A loss and I will take it!
  • Jan 29th: 196 (no gain/lose) But I lost inches!!
  • February 5: 195 (-1lbs) totaling 3 pound for the fist 4 weeks!
  • February 13th: 194 (-1lbs) totaling 4 pounds in 5 weeks!

This week I changed my meal plan and went according to the nutrition guide and I believe by doing that I was successful in the weight loss. Speaking of the foods that you may prepare from the meal plan. I recommend to have lots of Tupperware to store you food or freeze. You will make lots of soups and sauces throughout the first week and hence a lot a servings for leftovers. So, make sure you have freezer safe containers to store. The will preserve your food and in the next week you will have left to thaw instead of having to prepare new soups, rice, and sauces everyday.

What I ate today was:

  • Breakfast: Soy muffin my version with milk
  • Snack: Protein Bar
  • Lunch: (My favorite) Steak and Arugula Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette!!
  • Snack: String cheese (don’t like turkey jerk)
  • Dinner: (the sauce was yummy!) Chicken breast, Honey Chille sauce, Quinoa(different, but tasty) and snap peas

Pictures of my main meals:

All in all, the meals were yummy and left me feeling full and never hungry, so I was glad about that. So going into week 6 I will continue with the meals and prepare for more success! How did your week go? Anyway, check out the video for more 🙂

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