Fitness With P90X: (Day 31 & 3rd Day of Nutrition Guide)

Yesterday, will be short and sweet. It was day 31 of the P90X program and a CardioX day. In week 5 I will stress again that I am able to work harder and burn more calories than ever!! Honestly I was so glad that I did my workout before going into work because when I returned home I was ready to rest for sure!

It was also another run and the nutrition guide and this time around the food was still yummy however, I could not eat everything. I was full fast and felt satisfied throughout the day minus my sweet treat in the evening. I had a musketeer bar. I should have had a protein bar, but you know the rest. I decided to give myself that one treat so that I would not go crazy and binge later in the evening and it worked like a charm.

Meal Plan was yummy! I have not had fresh squeezed juice in a long while and the fresh squeezed  grapefruit was delicious. Here is my meal plan for yesterday:

  • Breakfast: Chicken Scramble, turkey bacon and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
  • Snack: Protein Bar
  • Lunch: Vegetable soup + protein powder 1tbsp and tuna salad with lettuce
  • Snack: Soy nuts
  • Dinner: Halibut, brown wild rice, zucchini
  • sweet treat: musketeer. (I will not do that too often)


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