Fitness With P90X: Day 28 (Lesson Learn & Results)

Hey all, yesterday was my rest day and it was definitely needed. I totally enjoyed it! I have to say I learned a lot during the first 4 weeks of the P90X program. I learn about myself and how far I can push myself through the workouts and how much my strength has improved over the 4 weeks which is amazing! I can do things that I could not do during the first week. I have the strength to lift things and I can also lift my son who is very tall and solid for the age of six. He is 4 feet 5 inches tall and weight 85 pounds. He totally takes after my hubby who is 6 feet 4 inches tall. I was so enjoyable to pick him up and hugs him while we were celebrating his wonderful day at school and his color belt graduation for taekwondo. His is now a camoflauge belt and a new member into the ATA taekwondo Black belt training so I was very proud of his!! He was also shocked and happy that I could lift him and give him a bear hug!!

The other few things I was proud of is that I can do yoga and enjoy it! Holding the crane pose was a major accomplishment for me. Then KenpoX and doing the kicks and having great balance was awesome!!

The other things I was glad to notice and work on is my meal plan which i will talk more about in the video below. Going forward I will be going according to the meal plan in the P90X nutrition guide. Why? Well, for one things I feel like the meal plan I was using was not giving me enough energy to make it through the entire works or day. I also learned that I was not getting enough protein throughout each day. Lastly my diet was too high in sugar and sodium hence I was retaining too much water and not shedding fat like I think I should. So with that said I will be following the nutrition guide 100%!!

My Stats thus far:

  • Jan 8th: Start weight: 198lbs
  • Jan 15th: 198lbs (no gain/lose)
  • Jan 22nd: 196 (-2lbs) Yeah!! A loss and I will take it!
  • Jan 29th: 196 (no gain/lose) But I lost inches!!
  • February 5: 195 (-1lbs) totaling 3 pound for the fist 4 weeks!

Watch the video below for more of my thoughts and reflections so far:

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