Fitness With P90X: Day 24 (KenpoX & A Lot Of Sweat)

One word. . . Sweat!! I just sweated my booty off doing the P90X program’s KenpoX workout!! This week it felt so good!! This I was able to do all 10 jumping X jacks after you do the regular jumping jacks, so yaHOOOOOOO! Today was day one of changing my diet a bit and adding a bit more protein. I have to say that I felt a bit more full today which is good so that I wouldn’t feel hungry or crash during my workouts which is great thanks to my friend figuremom on youtube! Thank you so MUCH!! Big hugs to you.

My meal plan today:

  • Breakfast: Eggs, cottage cheese, strawberries and water
  • Snack: Special K protein Bar
  • Lunch: Homemade chef salad: chopped chicken breast (1 serving), pork tenderloin (1/2 serving), 1 serving mozzarella cheese, 2 cups lettuce, avocado (2 tablespoon), tomato, and light catalina dressing. water
  • Snack: soy nuts 2 oz water
  • Dinner: Chicken quarter, green beans,  1 serving sweat potato and water
  • Post workout drink: Special K protein drink

I am feeling fulfilled with my plan today and I am happy because I don’t feel like I am lacking. I totally feel energized and ready for tomorrow for sure. Tomorrow will be stretchX  for me and my first time doing it too. What do you all think of this work out? We shall see. Well I am going to set back and relax for the rest of the evening. Chat soon, Tasha 🙂

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