Fitness With P90X: Day 2 Plyometrics

Day 2. . . Day 2 went fairly well! My meal plan that I had planned out was the same as yesterday. I know it is not exactly the same as the P90X nutrition guideline only because I am trying to eat what we have that it healthy until I go to the grocery store to get what is recommended in the book. The book recommends foods from each of the following categories such as: Fats ( example avocado, canola oil and olive oils and such) Proteins (turkey, eggs, fish, ham, lean red meat, tuna, etc), carbs ( whole wheat breads, beans, couscous, sweet potatoes, etc.), dairy, fruits, veggies, and simple snacks. So I am putting together my list of things that I would like to eat and recipes from the book I would like to cook too.

As far as the exercise I did the plyometrics workout which is 56 minutes long, Ouch!! But a goo Ouch, lol. In this workout the is a lot of cardio and jumping. Pretty much a lot of big muscle movement in the legs. I have to say the workout is intense, but great for building up resistance and strength for so nice lean legs. I remember when I was in the best shape in 2006 I would always get compliments on my legs and now I know why. They were lean and in shape and I miss that so much. I love wear shorts and I will have the feeling soon with these workouts, so needless to say I am so excited!! Have anyone of you tried this workout? How did you like it? Curious, so curious.  Anyway. . . I made through day 2 and day 3 in underway and going great!! Tomorrow will be on to my Arms and shoulders, so say a prayer for me? LoL 🙂

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