Fitness With P90X: Day 17 & 18 (Shoulders & Arms, YogaX)

Yesterday was a good day on the P90X program!! I felt stronger when I was working out during the Shoulders and Arms DVD. I was able to do longer reps with my 10lbs weights which made me feel accomplished at this point! The chairs was still a challenge, but I was able to do more this time around. For some funny reason I am starting to see some definition in my arms already? Is that possible so soon? The feel a little leaner and I noticed that in some of my clothing the sleeves are a bit looser. So, that means I had to loose more inches, Yey!! Anyway, yesterday went well other than being so tired for staying up too late watching Michael Jackson videos, but that is another story. I sure miss him, anyone of you feel the same? He is a genius and a wonderful soul.

My meals for yesterday:

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal, 1 fruit serving of strawberries, canadian bacon and water
  • Lunch: Dessert Lean Chocolate Protein Shake with a Banana and water
  • Snack: Raspberries and string cheese and water
  • Dinner: Chicken Pasta and grapes and water
  • Snack: Peanuts

Today, is a new day. I am feeling refreshed and rested (a little bit) and ready for more! Today I will be doing YogaX and I also will go outside and go for a walk/jog in my neighborhood and embrace nature, the fresh air, and people. The reason why I am adding this because I feel like I need a bit more cardio for this week. Now, I could pop in the bonus DVD with the extra cardio workouts, but I want to go outside. So, I will let you all know if doing this effects my workouts today.

My Meal Plan Today will be:

  • breakfast: Eggs, canadian bacon and strawberries and water
  • Lunch: Protein Shake
  • Snack: Almonds and grapes
  • Dinner: Chicken vegetable couscous, salad, and water
  • Snack: No Pudge Fat Free Brownie Mix from H-E-B (the are delicious for diet food!)

Well, I am off to the store to pick up more water bottles, fruit and my Michael Jackson, “This is It” DVD. I check in later for an update to this post. Bye!

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