Fitness With P90X: Day 15 & 16 (Core Synergistics & CardioX)

Moving on to Week 3 of the P90X program! Time flies when you are reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with loser fitting clothes, weight loss, and strength building. I am excited about that and ready to bring it this week! Saturday, was day 15 which means my core day. I have to say I almost did not want to workout yesterday. I got up too late to workout in the morning before heading into work that mid morning for 8 hours. Then after being on my feet all day I got home and sat down and almost got too comfortable to workout. so I thought to myself get your big butt up now before you start a bad habit and loose the momentum that I have already established. As a result I got up and worked out! Gosh during the core workout the banana/boat and other moves was still challenging, however, I noticed that my core is getting stronger. I could tell because I was able to hold the poses much longer than week 1 & 2, which was great! After the workout was over I was glad that I did workout!! Because I felt good that I was able to continue and gives me energy and strength to keep on going throughout the rest of this week!! I want to see more strength build up in myself and more weight loss too this week!! So, I am going to keep on bringing it!!

Since it was a work day I did have my meals pre-planned out which helps me avoid making unhealthy choices: My meal Plan for Saturday and Sunday was:

Breakfast: Cherrios w/ reduced fat milk, honey ham, 1 serving of assorted fruit and water

Lunch: Slim fast w/ protein (I am so glad I am out of this. Now I can get a protein Shake!! (Dessert Lean, my favorite!). apple and water

Snack: 1 serving of grapes and string cheese and water

Dinner: Chicken and veggie Pasta, with fruit and water

Snack: String cheese and almonds

Sunday, was my cardioX day and it was not bad, besides the fact that I felt like I was sweat more than I did in week 1 and 2. Why, is that? Maybe I was able to workout harder than the first 2 weeks. . . Which is pretty darn good.  Even though I still do not like the Downward dog and the Vinyasas it was a GREAT workout!! There was not much to update besides, so stay tuned for day 17. .

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