Fitness With P90X Day 11: YogaX Take Two

Wow!! I am already on day 11 of P90X program? Time is flying like crazy. . . Today, I was such a procrastinator. I usually get my workout done in the morning, but I was not looking forward to YogaX. Why, well last week was my first time at it and it was difficult. I am not kidding. The workout is 1hour 36 minutes long and during the first 40 minutes I thought I was going to pass out. No joke! There was a lot of downward and upward dogs and my favorite vinyasas and runners pose (it’s not really my favorite) that was challenging me! So this week I was not looking forward to this workout at all. So finally at 8:30p.m. I popped in the DVD and went for it! It was again another challenge, but not as bad as last week to my surprise. I guess my muscles are really getting strong because my not so favorite vinyasa’s was not as difficult as last week! Wow!!

So, needless to say I made it throughout the entire workout!! I am so proud of myself! Even though the second half was not as difficult it still had it’s challenges too. The bridge pose, OMG! I haven’t done anything like that since I was in high school and tumbled for cheerleading. Ugh, how old am I? But I figured if Tony can do it and he is in his 40’s I am going to do it too, so I did!! I really did enjoy the end of this workout because of the stretches and the stress release at the end of the DVD.

So ladies and gents, if you are trying this workout for the first time, please do not get discouraged try the workout as long as you can and next time around try to workout a little longer until you can complete the workout for sure!

My eats for today:

Breakfast and Lunch: Meal replacement, fruit and water

Snack: Orange and string cheese water

Dinner: Salmon, asparagus, rice and water

Dessert/snack: Weight watchers Ice cream

Now after completing this workout I feel accomplished and can rest tonight and prepare for another great day!! Good night.

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