Fitness With P90X: Day 10 Shoulders, Arms and Ab RipperX

Hello to all that are getting fit with p90X or thinking about it! Yesterday was day 10 for me and it was not that bad, of course I had a few exceptions. . . . Anyway, yesterday was shoulders and arms workout time for me and I have to say with in a week I am seeing a difference. Instead of grabbing my 5 pound weights for some of the intervals I ended up using my 10 pounds weights (which are still a little heavy) for the workout. I was shock to see how fast muscles strengthen within one week. I initially started with the 5lbs and I did not feel a challenge at all, yey!! This means I am getting stronger!! Did anyone of you start to notice this in your second week? I am amazed! The other thing I am amazed is that I made it all the way too the bonus round, but I was fatigued by then, so I stopped and cool down in order to prepare myself for Ad Ripper X . . .

Ab ripperX. . . Hummm. . . Okay, I heard on youtube that this workout was only 15 minutes longs, so I was like yeah! I can handle that! It should be a breaze, right? Wrong! OMG, the banana boat and other combo came back into myself again and I was cursing at the screen, lol. The workout in very intense and I made it through half the workout to realize that my core need a lot of work. I did not realize how weak my core was. So, next time I pop in this DVD I will be ready to work at it much harder. Am I the only one that could not make it through this DVD the first time around? I feel like a weakling, sad day. . . But you know me I will keep at it until I get right. for sure!!

My meal plan for yesterday:

Breakfast: Bisquick heart smart pancake (very small portion size) grapes/blackberries, turkey sausage with sugar free syrup and water

Portion Size of each pancake

Lunch: On the go (busy day) Meal replacement drink, orange and water

Snack: 1 serving of grapes, string cheese and water

Dinner: Lean Cuisine, orange, salad (not pictured) and water

Snack: 100 calorie pack

That was pretty much my day yesterday. Today I am moving on to yogaX even through its a challenge I am still going to do it! Thank you all for the encouragement and I will continue to “Bring It”

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