Top Ten Bridal Beauty No-No’s

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You want to look nothing short of amazing on your wedding day. After all, you’ve spent so much time planning every aspect of your big day, right? Wondering how you can avoid having pictures you’ll hate looking back on? Here’s a list of things you should certainly avoid doing.

  1. Don’t experiment the day before. Any products you try or new beauty treatments you’re considering shouldn’t get the trial run on the day before your wedding. That’s as true with self-tanning sprays as it is with new colors for your lips. This is not an experiment. It’s a wedding, so stick to what you know. Leave the trial run for a few months before the wedding.
  2. Don’t get a facial within a week before your wedding. While facials can leave beautiful results, they can also leave inflammation, redness, and breakouts behind. You should also avoid having serious procedures like chemical peels and breakouts less than two months before your wedding.
  3. Don’t do any last minute waxing. Waxing is a great way to get rid of that unwanted hair, but it can also lead to ripped skin and irritation. If you want a good wax, that’s great, but make certain that you do it at least a week or two prior to your wedding day, and be sure you actually use a salon you’ve worked with in the past.
  4. Don’t color your own hair. If you’ve colored your hair on your own in the past, this still applies to you. Disaster can strike at any time, and you certainly don’t want it to hit three days before your wedding. Go with a professional job for something as big as this.
  5. Don’t go out drinking the night before your wedding. Your eyes will be swollen and your skin will look terrible on your big day. Instead, drink a liter of water every single day for a week leading up to your wedding. You’ll look brighter and clearer on the big day.
  6. Don’t try to cover your own tattoos. You don’t have to cover your tattoos at all, particularly if they’re meaningful to the two of you. If you do decide to go ahead and cover them, talk about it with a professional makeup artist first, as you need to make certain you have the right product for a job like that.
  7. Don’t choose makeup that doesn’t look like you. If you’re having your makeup done by a professional, or even if you’re handling your makeup on your own, you need to make sure it’s a good version of you, not a look that isn’t you. After all, you’re wedding day should be about the best you, right?
  8. Don’t use special hair treatments just before your wedding day. Even if you’re thinking about using something like a deep conditioner, you could end up with hair that is too soft, too slick, or too damaged to style. It may also make it harder for your hair to hold onto the style once it’s in.
  9. Don’t wash your hair the night before your wedding. If your stylist doesn’t request it, don’t. Most stylists will tell you that hair that hasn’t been washed for a day or two is far easier to style.
  10. Don’t wait until your wedding day to have that big manicure. You’re going to be in a rush that day, and that could mean your nails get smudged. Your best bet is to have it done the day prior to your wedding.

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