Bliss Vanilla+Bergamot Set Review

Hi beauty chameleons, in my previous post I was talking about nails, right? Well, if you want to learn how to keep your hands and cuticles soft and moist to promote nail growth, and keep your body smooth and moist as well keep on reading.

You have got to try these powerful 3 products by BlissWorld. I just recently did a haul about this item on youtube. I love these products! I first started to use them for what they were for, bath and body and I was starting to notice how soft and smooth my skin was feeling after just a few days of use. Then I was thing, if this is making my skin feel so smooth why not use it for manicures too! So I started to used them for my manicures and I was awe. Why? Well my cuticles were always so dry. I am a mom and I clean and always have my hands submerge in water. Hence the word dry hands and cuticles leads to nail breakage for me.

How did I use these Items? Well, I would first, remove my nail polish and even them out and buff them smooth. Next, I would soak my nails in the Vanilla+Bergamot bath and shower gel for 5 minutes.Oh my gosh! My hands were so soft and so were my cuticles. At this point I was able push back and trim my cuticles and hang nails if needed with ease.

After that, I treated my hand to a nice exfoliation with the Vanilla+Bergamot Body buff. Oh la la! The exfoliation was such a treat! My hand was almost as smooth as baby skin. Finally after, the first two steps I hydrated my hands with the Vanilla+Bergamot body butter and my hands were in heaven a least for a little while. As a result, this will be my new manicure products I use once a week to continue my nail growth and maintenance too! The set shown is the bliss vanilla+bergamot set for $80 was $95 they are in large containers so I am sure that will last a good 3-4 months unless you just love it sooo much like me.

What they say about this product:

Bliss Vanilla+Bergamot Body Butter – This tenderly blended aromatic moisture mix has amber, lemon, bergamot, myrrh and musk, putting the ‘thrilla’ back in vanilla. Repeated use will leave your skin silky soft, supple and mouth-wateringly moist.

Bliss Vanilla+Bergamot Bubbling Bath + Shower Gel – Our super-smoothing almond and aloe gel soft soap foams up fast and does double (bubble) duty in the bath.

Bliss Vanilla+Bergamot Body Buff – Our ultra-softening shea butter and sweet almond scrub paste is laced with skin-smoothing vanilla bean pieces.

Beauty Pros: The formulation was non-greasy and easy to work with. I love Vanilla scented items and this blend was just breath taking to me. The exfoliation in the body buff was not too coarse to me which is a plus. Overall I would buy the full sizes for sure!! I can’t wait to run out of my trial sizes!! If you live near a Bliss spa you can actually enjoy this treatment with you favorite girlfriends! If you live in Texas there is a bliss spa at the W  Hotel in the Dallas area. I am so jealous!

Beauty Cons: Kind of pricey for all three at $80 per set, but it is well worth the splurge.



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