Review: LISTERINE Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips, Clean Mint

1195196968-08798_fullHey ladies!! If you have not seen my latest video posted on Youtube you should check it out because I completed a review on the LISTERINE Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips, Clean Mint, $19.99 (after coupon $14.99. Click on link for details). The reason why I decided to do this review because I personally wanted to brighten my smile without spending too much money since you all know I love to spend it on makeup and such related items. Earlier this month I was grocery shopping at my local grocery store and while I was strolling down the toothpaste isle I notice whitening products. Prior to my trip I was thinking about whitening my smile just because my teeth looked a little stained over this summer season,so my eyes immediately was drawn to the Listerine box. I have to be honest the price was alluring because it was on sale for only $19.99. So I grabbed the box and decided to give it a whirl.

So, I started this treatment earlier this month for 2 weeks straight. Consistency is key when using anything like this.  I have to say this product was easy for me to use. I like the fact that I could apply this strips after brushing my teeth and not worry about removing the strips. That was a plus. The second thing is that within 5-10 minutes the strip dissolved, so I could immediately eat or go about my day. Lastly, the strips did not make my teeth or gums feel achy or sore either. So, overall these wear great for $19.99

My process and results:

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