Make-up is a wonderful tool to express one feelings. It can make a woman feel young and fresh, sexy and sultry or just absolutely fabulous! I for one love make-up. Ever since my mom exposed me to my first tube of Mary Kay lipstick at the age of 10 the make-up world was mine. I started working in the beauty industry while I was earning my BA in fashion back in 1994. I have worked with brands like Fashion Fair Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Victoria’s Secret Beauty, Lancome, and Sephora over the past 10+ years. Just recently, after being a stay at home mom for the past 5 years I forgot how much I love make-up and that is mainly why I decided to create this site, Beauty Chameleon.

Beauty Chameleon, is a place where a woman can come and learn how to make themselves feel and look more beautiful. You will be able to obtain the latest news on new products, receive a fair review on products, so that they can have a better idea on what make-up to purchase in the future. And, along the way they will see make-up tutorials on looks that I enjoy so much and learn how to recreate them for whatever occasion they may have in life.

Also, here at the Beauty Chameleon we welcome your thoughts, recommendations, and ideas so that we can have some fun making the world of beauty addicts fabulous!

Welcome to the Beauty Chameleon,


P.S.- Most of my activity has shifted to home decor, with a touch of beauty and fashion and a new home on the web, Chic Home Life!