Sephora By OPI’s Iris I was Thinner: NOTD

Hey beauties! I love this time of the year because I am so ready to break out some of my spring nail colors to wear day to day. Today I was in the mood to wear SEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour Iris I Was Thinner, $9.50! This shade is a opaque medium Iris purple shade. I decided to apply two coats in order to achieve the look that you see in this photo.


Now that my nails are growing back out I am really more motivated in embellishing my nails. You may ask, how long does this polish last? Well. . . I polished my nails on Friday and the good things is that the color intensity last a long time, but. . . as far as being chip resistant I guess if you do not have to bath your child and upkept a household your polish with not chip. In my case in chipped in 3 days only because I was cleaning and peeling off labels with my nails. I think I need to carry tweezers with me because peeling of price labels are torture on the nails, lol. How do you keep you nails from chipping? I would love to know.


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NOTD: MAC “To The Beach” Scorcher

Hey all, I almost forgot to share with you all this beautiful orange/coral nail polish I picked up with my MAC “To The Beach” Haul in June. For all of my chameleons that love a fiery orange nail polish, this one is for you. Surprisingly this is my first ever MAC nail polish purchase ever and I have to say this one was not as watery as people had describe on youtube and other blogs. I guess it depends on the color and pigmentation of each shade. The color I picked up is called Scorcher and it is definitely that. A perfect color for the nails and extra gorgeous for the toenails too! I only had to apply 2 coats of the polish and it was beautiful. As far as the wear of the polish, it last about 2-3 days. Mind you, I am a mom so I cook, clean and work so my nails take a beating, lol. However, overall I was very satisfied with the color and I am glad that I added it to my growing nail polish collection. Hummm. . . Collection maybe I will do a collection blog or video! If you would like to see a collection post or video please leave a comment below. Until the next NOTD, stay fabulous!

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Nail Tutorial: Glittery Purple Ombre Nails For Spring

Here is a fun nail tutorial to go along with the spring inspired eye shadows look I posted on youtube last night. This nail tutorial is soooo easy to do and trust me you will get lots of complements on this look. I had clients ask me, where did you get your nails done? I love your nails, and when I tell them I did this at home their reaction is like OMG!! Can you show me how? So, today I will share my simple secret on how to create this look. This look is so simple you can do this with any color!

products used:

Orly Nail Defense With Protein

Nicole By OPI: Light a Candle

Sephora by OPI: It’s Bouquet with me

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat .5 fl oz (It really dries fast!!)

Nail Tutorial:

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NOTD: Sephora By OPI’s Under My Trench Coat

Okay. . . I am a sucker for trends at times and this one I could not resist. I received an email from Who What Wear and they were talking about the taupe nail trend. The polished featured was of course by the house of Chanel and I love Chanel!! I was intrigued because I was already on a hunt for a neutral nail color to wear for work anyway. In there article they talked about how:

“Kate Beckinsale and Gwenyth Paltrow each proved that this lacquer does indeed add a luxe finish to red-carpet style when they accented their fancy frocks with toasty nails for a sophisticated evening look. Additionally, Dree Hemingway attested to the go-anywhere-ness of this shroomy shade when she took her nails straight off the runway (she walked at Chanel) and paired them with her glamorous Fendi leather-and-cropped-fur ensemble. Finally, songstress Lily Allen not only rocked the stage as performer at Chanel’s spring show, but also ushered in this brand new hue with a white shirt and nubby knits, affirming this beloved polish is equally as elegant with daytime wear.”


The nail polished mention for this trend was Chanel’s Le Vernis Nail Colour 505 Particuliere  for $23. Indeed and beauty color, but I did not want to spend $23 on a nail polish at this time, so I decided to check out Sephora to see if they have something similar and they did! The color that I found was a Sephora by OPI nail polish called “Under My Trench Coat“. This color is very pretty with it a hidden shimmer in the polish and when applied in 2 coats, I love it!! I have been wearing this color all weekend and people have been giving me compliments on it too! So, if you are looking for an alternative definitely check this color out!


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NOTD: OPI Tangerine Scene

Summer is here and it is time for some summer brights for sure. I was lately inspired to break about my orangish color nail polish OPI Tangerine Scene Nail Lacquer. This color is so bright and playful and will definitely make you wish that you were on a vacation in Maui or the Caribbean for sure. If you are looking for a bright color like this one, then give it a try for sure!


orange nails

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NOTD: China Glaze Watermelon Rind

China Glaze Watermelon Rind 718/80226 Summer Days Collection is another fun nail polish in my collection that I had to wear today! Doesn’t this make you want some nice and refreshing slice of watermelon? hee hee! Now,  I just maybe inspired to play with some nail art and create watermelons on my nails, lol. We will see what the time looks like, but it looks like the rocker chick inside may come out of me this weekend! I am thinking of dark and smokey!!


A more beautiful you begins with Sally

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NOTD: Orly Basket Case With A little Edgyness Too!

Okay my beauty chameleons I am on my nail thing again. You got to love it! Anyway, I was going through more of my polishes I recently purchased and was on the search for a bright and shiny pink nail color. So, the color I decided to use was Nail Lacquer Collection in Basket case (bright pink) nail color. I love it so much. When I applied two coat to my nail the color was amazingly bright which I love because spring is here and all of the bright colors are so beautiful! Check out the pics of this polish especially if you love pink like me!!

Nail Color: Orly Basket Case



Added Some Edgyness with Onyx By Maybelline:



I love adding the black detailing to my thumb nail with Maybelline Express Finish Advanced Wear Anti-Chip Color, Onyx Rush 895, and I have a feeling this may turn into a nail art project because I also picked up some jewels to decorate my nails too! So, if that happens, stayed tuned for a tutorial for sure 🙂

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NOTD: China Glaze’s Strawberry Fields

Lately I have been so nail crazed it is unreal. I have never cared too much about how my nails looks until I started watching youtube tutorials. If you have watched them before you may notice many gurus showing nail designs and the latest on nail color trend. I was so impressed that I started to grow my nails out in order to decorate them and make them look beautiful again.

Ever since then, I have been so crazed about nail color and nail art that I literally polish them 1-2 times per week! I am not kidding. It is just so much fun emulated the seasons colors on my nails and toes that I can not help myself. lately, my new nail color find for today comes from one of my new favorites, China Glaze nail polish.  The color I chose for today is a fun and spring look is  China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners in Strawberry fields from their summer days collection:




I like this color. It a bright strawberry pink polish with gold shimmer mixed in. So when you look at it in the light it shimmers like crazy! Just love it!

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Nails: China Glaze’s Sex In The City Nail Polish Review

Now, I knew that everyone love’s OPI nail polish and I do too, but I think I found my new love for nail polish! It’s the china glaze line! The price of the polish is only $4.20 or if you can catch a sale a Sally’s Beauty Supply for $2.50 is even better. So, what is China glaze?

About them:

Unleash your inner color with China Glaze… They offer:

  1. Long-wearing formula with hardeners
  2. Non-thickening formula
  3. Professional 440-strand brush for ease of application
  4. Free of DBP / Toluene and added Formaldehyde
  5. Great coverage
  6. Comprehensive Nail Treatments for all nail types
  7. The latest technology in formulas and color selection
  8. Professional staff of manicurists
  9. Economically priced

china_glaze_sexy_lady_headerThe nail polish I just recently purchased from this collection is China Glaze Nail Polish Sexy in the City 72033 / 553. Let me tell you That I love this color. It is so bright, bold and fun. The application was so easy. With all nail color I recommend to make sure you nails are cleaned and buffed down. Then you should always wear a clear base coat. The base coat is used kind of like a primer to hold the color on longer. Finally, apply the color and finish it off with a top coat. Yes, it is some work and some may say where do you find the time to do all of this? Well, think about it, you could be sitting down watching your favorite show for 1 hour. Guess what? That is the perfect time to pamper yourself while you watch your favorite show, right? You deserve to pamper yourself.




Beauty Pros: I did not have to apply no more than 1 1/2 coats of color. The color did not streak when applying to the nail, and the color has been on my nails for 2 days and no chipping!! And let me tell you, I am a mom and I always have my hand in water cleaning up after and little one. I also type a lot too. I will definitely buy more!! There are so many colors to choose from.

Beauty Cons: I really don’t have any.



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